Bill Maher, Bernie Sanders Jon Stewart Owns Bill O'Reilly 1 day ago   02:57

TheDC Shorts
Bill Maher, Bernie Sanders sneer at Americans for not demanding European-style benefits

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Rrosa Seconda
Bill Maher needs to have Bernie on again in Spring 2019 to discuss this again.
Scandinavia is not socialist ish. They are social liberal.
"Social liberalism (also known as modern liberalism in the U.S.) Is a political ideology that endorses a market economy and the expansion of civil and political rights, and also believes that the legitimate role of the government includes addressing economic and social issues such as poverty, health care and education. Under social liberalism, the good of the community is viewed as harmonious with the freedom of the individual."
It's My Life
I certainly wouldn't mind 3-4 weeks more paid vacation time!  :D
Harry Sax
Let me keep more of my fucking money and I may not have to work as many hours.
Harry Sax
Are you talking about the benefits that AMERICA is subsidising?! Who pays for it then? lol
He sounds like ray Romano lol
Americans are properly pathetic for whinging about benefits I can't wait for the US to fail big style and see how many of you will need government help but in all honesty government's should be keeping their people in full employment
Bob Byington
The benefits are free, they pay for them! Taxes pay for them so the free statements is a misnomer!
Mike Land
Love hearing millionaire liberals talk about socialism, lol.
Where should the fruits of a countries natural resources and labor go? To the wealthy industrial capitalists and their imperialist acquisition of other countries natural resources and labor or to the welfare and upward mobility of it's citizens and the country's infrastructure which serves all it's masters? Tough question we have to answer although time is running out on the latter.
David johanson
go Bernie Sanders
Scot D
Ha, HA HAA! I love when these clowns talk about how socialism 'isn't a dirty word'. Hey, I mean most of the developed countries of the world are doing it! Most of the 'developed' countries of the world have debt that is anywhere from 60% to 200% of their GDP. They are all approaching insolvency! Are you ****ing kidding me?!? Not to mention the moral question of whether it's right or wrong to enslave the productive citizens of your country through taxation. Elitist fools that piddle away their hours planning how I should spend mine! I'm done watching this video...
Scot D
I made it another 20 seconds... Yes, it sucks to work 50 hours a week to get by and yes I would love more days off. Yes Bill sometimes it does make life seem pretty bleak. If I didn't have to pay so much ****ing money in taxes and if my employer didn't have to pay so much payroll tax and income tax himself why, I think I might be able to afford such a life! I have watched a bunch of Bernie videos as of late and still have maintained the ability to make an argument against these flawed ideologies, but this particular video is too much.
Scot D
I got through 1:36 before I had to comment...If only Bernie we all had cushy government jobs and we could steal from productive people and promise their wealth to others in order to get votes to keep said job. We should make it law that everyone get's 5-6 weeks of paid vacation? WTF?  So, let me get this straight you would require already burdened business owner's to pay their employees 5-6 WEEKS without producing anything? So basically business owners would have to cut their employee's yearly salary by whatever 6 weeks equals and then lower their hourly wage to compensate. He can't be that ignorant.
Steven McQuade
Trump 2016 Hillary for prison Bernie is a communist.
bernie flanders
Dave Carlson
smells like a bait question.
Derek Sippy
why in the hell should anyone get money food freedom or anything else without working for it you immoral scummbags
Donald Edward
Social spending pays dividends in health and money is circulated though the economy. Many of those who are retire have paid taxes or have served in the military. Spending on war is money that goes up in smoke or is left lying around the battlefields to rust or worse pollutes the land or kills people or makes America unpopular and even makes people want to take revenge on America. Do we really need all the foreign bases and troop concentrations in different parts of the world?
John Bossnack
what about people who own their own business? who is going to approve their time off? these guys are forgetting about all the small businesses that survive and thrive by working harder than their competitors.

when Americans are OK with slow Netflix and McDonald's closed on Sunday then that's when it'll be ready for all these changes. however society demands too much and the workers are willing to put in the time to satisfy this need.
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Jon Stewart Owns Bill O'Reilly Bill Maher, Bernie Sanders 1 day ago   02:56

"During Wednesday night's episode of "The Daily Show," host Jon Stewart confronted his Fox News frenemy Bill O'Reilly over the intensity of their focus on the Obama administration's recent scandals, asking if there's some kind of "sexual arousal" or "joy" in the Fox offices over the Associated Press spying and IRS scrutiny of tea party groups. "*

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