Anto & Lyle M - Coming On Strong Sammy Porter x Asha Rae - Look 2 days ago   03:20

Selected - Music on a new level.
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Lyle M
Massive love Selected for the support ❤️. Hope you guys enjoy the track! 🙌🏼
Enzo Albertoni
When that base dropped....Instant trance with the music ❤️ 🔥
Kevin & Perry Go Large
Lewis Marcus
this came on randomly in the background whilst I was working, Thought it was pretty good, opened the tab and its only Anto, The feel good king, I love him,
Lee Dillon
Well I'm off out 🙄👌 cracker
is this coming to spotify anytime in the future?
Please put this on Spotify, I’m begging
Mah Debz
Chastity Melendez
This song is so sexy !!
you cant beat Anto, hes just the best at deep house
Max SV Werder /àtencíon musícà
O.G-Kush Ballahdopepusha!
Oooooh damn! this track gives me the same vibes as the older selected songs did some deep shit i luv it!
gean vieira
Ótima musica !
Christopher Latham
Sample is from Signum - Coming On Strong. = Best mix IMO. Just spreading the Trance love.
Feeling this one!
Funky China
"Dance ya scumbags

Move ya balearic bastards!"
That intro :o goosebumpssss
TZed Music
Enjoying this one!
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Sammy Porter x Asha Rae - Look Anto & Lyle M - Coming On Strong 2 days ago   04:28

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Selected - Music on a new level.
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