The 2019 Apple Mac Pro Is Perfect! Well... Is the 2019 5k, i5 iMac good enough 2 days ago   13:42

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Is the 2019 Mac Pro going to be any good or is just another disappointment? Spoiler alert: it's going to be good. Mostly...

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Apple released the 2019 Mac Pro at their WWDC keynote to much applause. Sure, things like iPadOS, system-wide dark mode, and the creation of Project Catalyst (formerly known as Marzipan) which allows you to run iOS apps on the Mac are all major software changes, but the new Mac Pro looks amazing. The question is, can the 2019 Mac Pro compete with desktop workstation PCs using its server-grade hardware or is it just too expensive and overpriced like Macs of recent years? Snazzy Labs analyzes the new Mac Pro and its Intel Xeon W Cascade Lake CPUs.

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The Virgin Apple Stand vs the Chad Apple Cheese grater
Julian Beatty
Garbage CPU. In three months AMD will release 64 core Threadripper 3 which will humiliate the 28 core xeon.
King Zero
youtube needs to stop recommending me this loser’s videos...
I wonder if it can literally grate cheese?
Yilmaz Ayten
Fanless GPUs that depend on the case's cooling means that if you want to upgrade your GPU you have to get one that's compatible with Apple's ca$e design.
Damon Wong
leave it to apple to brag about having wheels and handles as if they invented it...
KJ Grey
It's basically the Ford GT. And all you Ford Focus owners are pissed and hate Apple. Apple doesn't need you. they have plenty of people who are high-end graphics and video monsters and ad agencies will snap these up. All you hack builders (i'm one...) can roll your eyes but Apple made computers cool and they are still doing it. And making it beyond YOUR reach doesn't make it undesirable -- it make's it MORE desirable.
If the stand costs $999, the wheels on the Mac Pro must be Ferrari money, because it make the Mac Pro go really really fast. It does Nurburgring in under 4 minutes.
I only watch this because Quinn is cute
Eric & Erika
How can you not talk about the stand,
After the hell you went through trying to fix your stand, you have to be so happy that they have a bad ass stand that will never yet you down again! Right? Who care how much if it takes away your headache.
Eddie O'Connor
Stupid pricing scheme, for stupid people. a $6,000 dollar MONITOR!?.......f*cking ridiculous!
John J
Can anyone make an argument for me for anyone that actually needs ECC memory? Because DDR4 has pretty good error correcting support, and good shielding depending on the brand u buy, like even DDR3 was good enough to run at months at a time, and DDR4 is a huge step above that in terms of error correcting support. On top of that ECC is typically way slower, I don't see a point in it DDR4 should be more than good enough no matter who you are, and you shouldn't be running your system for more than like 6 months without a security update anyway. To me this makes intel's ECC processor lineup and massive price mark up pointless when u can get non ECC that runs the same for way less money.
They made a cheese grader?
uwu グーチ owo
I want 20 of those stands I don't need anything else
Mladen Milosavljevic
"its a beuatiful case but I dont think its worth that much"
well, considering they value monitor stand at 999.. i think they are living in lala land where this case costs that much.
Did I misunderstand something? It's because Intel processors are behind the times that PCIe 4.0 is still incompatible, and it's not Apple's fault? The Talos II, which has PowerPC processors (POWER9), supports PCIe 4.0 just fine, and it was released in late 2017.
Agent Turtle04
On the bright side when it brakes you can flex to everyone that you got a 6 grand cheese grater
Diego Gabriel Ruiz
Great video!
Edward FG
This thing is going to replace ALL the multi-PC setups out there that composers and video guys and studios have been using. Everyone pissing about how expensive the base model is aren't considering the expandability. No matter what cheaper "hackintosh" they insist they can build, they won't be able to upgrade it to 1.5TB of memory or to this many cores.
Evan Poole
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Is the 2019 5k, i5 iMac good enough The 2019 Apple Mac Pro Is Perfect! Well... 2 days ago   08:57

In this video I talk about the new 27 inch iMac Retina 5K display
9th Gen i5 3.7GHz 6-core processor Turbo Boost up to 4.6GHz
with 2TB Fusion storage.

It is the highest model of the current iMac line up but I haven't upgraded the processor, RAM or Storage to higher specs as is often recommended for video editors.

Check out the video to get some insight into my experience with this iMac in relation to its Video Editing Capability and more.


I ended up adding a 3rd party 16GB module of additional Ram. If you want to see the video where I run the test using the Ram it can be found here: