Ancient Egypt in 3D A Climb Up the Pharos Lighthouse 5 months ago   01:20

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Una videoguida per immagini e ricostruzioni virtuali 3D ai 12 più importanti siti archeologici dell'Egitto antico.
Ancient Egypt in 3D is a virtual exploration of the architectural wonders built by the pharaohs, and of other monuments in the Nile Valley. From the terraced Pyramid of Djoser to the Alexandria Lighthouse of the Ptolemaic age, the program reconstructs, in 3D and in all their polychromy, buildings that are nowadays highly ruined, or have totally disappeared after Napoleon's Campaign to Egypt at the end of the XVIII century.

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Unknown Bytes
Assassin's creed origins is the way to go now
Robinson Pittman
If Egypt,Africa was greener and full of forestry, then that means it was heavy tropical Sunlight. Now what race can live outdoors in that Egyptian Sun??
Papyrus Egyptian
Ancient Egypt
The pyramids where whit black and red close tho lol
ZBlack Phantom
The ancient Egyptian are honeslty amazing I am glad that they are my grand-parents. And hopefully we woulf make the country have a great future just like it had a wonderful history. ^_^

I thought thousands of years ago, egypt was a greener land
666 likes on 19-Sep-2018...666 is Amazed....
Hasan x
did they white wash the walls?
Jelly Bean
I love my people. We cradled civilization.
Thomas Goossens
How would it be like to walk there
Hahahahaha just play Assassins Creed origins ;)
The original Wakanda 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hello ... Nice video! I would put it in my blog ..And 'possible or covered by copyright ??
Kenny Lim Swee Eng •_•
Ancient Egypt is not so small
Black Mask Unknown
ancient blacks were amazing wow....
mosca chapada channel
vou fazer um filme sobre o egyto eu poderia usar tua imagem?
trucker p
black people were amazing in ancient egypt, africa.
General Turner
Need this for mine craft.
Sul negozio dice che non è più disponibile il dvd, volevo sapere se rifarete i dvd. Grazie in anticipo
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A Climb Up the Pharos Lighthouse Ancient Egypt in 3D 5 months ago   02:40

This short documentary takes the viewer on a climb up the great Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

For more information on the lighthouse check our page:

or visit the museum at