How Does German Economy Compare Why Is America So Rich? 5 months ago   05:30

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How do US economy and German Economy compare? Can German economy beat United States economy soon?


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Joyal Lall
india will sonn surpass germany
Theo Struß
Compare the dept of 22 and 5 trillion dollars
Ravi Kumar
Germans still could not figure out how to build a infrastructure for fast internet.
Anthony Kist
The US is following suit of what Germany did in the early 1900's economically. Not learning from the mistakes. The German economy is currently the most stable and more robust one in the world.
Slashed Nutts
The whole of Western culture is driven by Economics. If you are born into a Western Nation you will be schooled to fit into the Framework of this Policy. Hundreds of years ago most people served the Rich on huge estates. You were skilled to perform a required task. Failing that, you did not eat so you starved to Death. Nothing has really changed. The Rich (banks)still own where you live, still own most businesses and Governments (Central Banks) and they set the speed of Growth. We all reside in a Fake world of values where new cars are worth zip in 5 years and house values can tumble 50% at the touch of a switch in a major Corporate Boardroom somewhere. I have managed to locate the Eject button to this Uber Commercial Garbage and am now living a 100% stress free life. Trends, Fads, Fashion, Customs, Commercial Beliefs are all verses from Big Inc that are Controlling the desires, tastes and moods of their Markets. The Real Living begins outside this Framework. Escape and experience true Freedom.
Priyabrata Roy
Economic Senerio of a nation never remains constant . Changing policies of less developed nation are bearing fruits for them and their efforts cannot run void. Hence One America will loose it's position because of many factors : Climatic Conditions, Rising labour Costs, Aristocratic Style of Living, no Repare Culture , Maintainance of Large and Costly designed Infrastructures and Expensive American products are losing Markets . Moreover, America is a friend of none. But wants to become Boss of all . This may lead to declining status of American Economy. Now, as the necessity is the cause of invention many nations have their Engineers and Scientists who will never wait for transfer of American technology we they will invent new technology. As India doing. But our Government is not giving our men to do this under western influence . But we are now in mood to break them . History Teaches how to survive and thus many creatures adapted the condision and their generation changed and now they are existing with a different character.
In 2019, Germany is flirting with recession, while the USA is experiencing healthy growth.
(Even in the dated video, the lower salary in Germany did not fully make up for the lower cost of living in Germany.)
Topi Lehtikangas
the usa kids had bigger smile in that picture so their happier
Hop Off
Germany is the reason the EU has remained more or less together
USA has 22 trillion dollar debts and the numbers are growing! Germany has 1.9 billion euro debts and the numbers are going down.
edigia ruben
Top 3!
edigia ruben
Kazuma Kendate
i always wondering how can the axis countiers become so rich and even surpassing the allies force countries

Germany, japan was totally broken after WW II
except italia bcs italia not really broken after WW II

anyone has a clue?
Shikhar Srivastava
No one is going to talk about how German exports are subsidized artificially by them being in the Euro zone?
And at the expense of other weaker Euro zone countries.
honestly not free helathcare is not too bad but it is in americas case because its all so expensive, if everything where 1/4 of the price it is now the american people would be much more wealthy. also the military budget is completely excessive and the US needs to stop spending trillions on wars
this video is outdated now
I’m a german and I would love them to be the superpower
Nikola Belic
Unorganised countrie that ru by corrupt and incompetent socialists, wait a sec this is america
Tolu Martins
Can you do a video to compare the German economy to the Irish economy
Roop Kahlon
biased towards america
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Why Is America So Rich? How Does German Economy Compare 5 months ago   05:53

Why is America the world's richest nation? Is it mostly because of the government, or is it thanks to entrepreneurs and businessmen? Historian Burt Folsom of Hillsdale College explains.
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The United States is the world’s most prosperous economy. It’s been that way for so long -- over a hundred years -- that we take it for granted.

But how did it happen?

There are many answers, of course. One is that the United States values the free market over government control of the economy.

But here’s a point that is seldom made:

It didn’t begin that way

Before the country placed its trust in the free market, it trusted the government to make important business decisions. Or to put it another way, only after the government failed repeatedly to promote economic growth and only after private enterprise succeeded where the government failed did the United States start to develop a world beating economy.

Let’s look at three telling examples:

In 1808 John Jacob Astor formed the American Fur Company and marketed American furs around the world. Europeans adored beaver hats for their peerless warmth and durability. Astor gave them what they wanted.

Instead of leaving the fur business to capable entrepreneurs like Astor, the government decided it wanted to be in on the action.
So, it subsidized its own fur company run by a self-promoting government official named Thomas McKenney. McKenney should have won the competition. After all, he had the federal government backing him.

But while Astor employed hundreds of people and still made a tidy profit, McKenney’s company lost money every year. Finally, Congress in 1822, came to its senses and ended the subsidies for McKenney and his associates.

A similar situation developed in the 1840’s around the telegraph.
The telegraph was the first step toward the instant communication we have today. Invented by Samuel Morse, the telegraph transmitted sound – as dots and dashes representing letters of the alphabet.

Morse built his first telegraph wire between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore with the help of a government grant. Morse, more of an idealist than businessman, agreed to let the government own and operate the telegraph “in the national interest.”

But the government steadily lost money each month it operated the telegraph. During 1845, expenditures for the telegraph exceeded revenue by six-to-one and sometimes by ten-to-one. Seeing no value in the invention, Congress turned the money-loser over to private enterprise.

In the hands of entrepreneurs, the business took off. Telegraph promoters showed the press how it could instantly report stories occurring hundreds of miles away. Bankers, stock brokers and insurance companies saw how they could instantly monitor investments near and far. And dozens of other valuable uses were soon discovered.

As the quality of service improved, telegraph lines were strung across the country – from 40 miles of wire in 1846 to 23,000 miles in 1852. By the 1860s, the U.S. had a transcontinental telegraph wire. And by the end of that decade entrepreneurs had strung a telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean.

Why didn’t the US government profitably use what Morse had invented? Part of the answer is that the incentives for bureaucrats differ sharply from those of entrepreneurs. When government operated the telegraph, Washington bureaucrats received no profits from the messages they sent, and the cash they lost was the taxpayers’, not their own. So government officials had no incentive to improve service, to find new customers, or to expand to more cities.

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