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Destin, Florida is billed the “Luckiest Fishing Village in the World”. Thanks to staying the course on the Magnuson Stevens Act, their success story is one shared by many fishing communities across America.

To learn more about Ocean Conservancy's celebration of 40th anniversary of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, please visit:

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Rashidul Seam
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The below comments are bs. The LAW ABIDING  people that respectfully and carefully harvest the fishery are the true comservationaists and protectors of it. Not to mention, these captains make the the same money whether clients catch fish or not!!! Responsible management has done wonders for OUR Destin fishery( of which I'm a native) and i can tell you from first hand experience--Magnuson, followed by the net ban, followed by the stricker snapper regs just to name a few important regs.. And  I'm surprised none of y'all mentioned the circle hook!!! Anyone in the know can tell you that this ingenious design reduces unwanted fatalities many fold over.God bless my hometown fishermen---------- from Chris wood  . those who know me know me and I send love. I am a destin native and a true lover of nature :)
keith dubose
Propaganda ... Justifying hoarded a public resource to select few .. The hypocrisy of this is sickening .... Just say " we want folks with their own boats to not fish ... More $$$ for us! ". In reality the local economy is much better of letting local private boaters fish more days ...
So it's easy for someone to spend 100 grand on a boat ,equipment,state licenses,and fuel and every dollar that goes into the local economy but anyone who comes down from out of state can pay 40 dollars to the boat packed with 50 people to go out and wipe out a reef paid for by the local tax payers.this video just proves how greedy and asanine the charter and commercial industry are.
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