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Peter Dixon
I can save you the bother with a short summary:
The Government have "signed" agreements with the countries listed here, although I am not 100% sure that they will be "live" on 29/3/2019:
• Chile
• Faroe Islands
• ESA (Eastern and Southern African states - Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Zimbabwe)
• Switzerland
• Israel
• Palestinian Authority
(HOC briefing document)

Japan went sour a few weeks back after an ill-judged diplomatic blunder, and we annoyed the Chinese also (somebody has been doing Benny Hill impressions). Japan and Turkey will not be ready by 29 March.

There are about 150 WTO countries left, including some, like the EU, who trade in blocs. Liam Fox's young, "fast-tracked", graduate child negotiators will have to start negotiations on:

(1) a deal with the EU (the irony) - we are back to Edward Heath (sort of)
(2) deals with the 40 countries with whom we used to trade as part of the EU but lose the arrangement on 29 March (list on HOC website)
(3) deals with any new countries we may want to have a go at (USA, Canada, etc.)

The government will have to decide on the goods tariffs (tax paid by us consumers) on British imports and the "Restrictive Measures" for services (essentially services tariffs - again paid by UK consumers)

The rest of the world (apart from Chile, the Faroe Islands, the Eastern and Southern African states, Switzerland, Israel and the Palestinian Authority) will automatically put up standard tariffs against all British exports (taxes on the consumers in those countries who buy British).

WTO tariffs, Restrictive Measures, subsidy rules and quotas remain until such time as we sign a trade deal with any specific country or bloc. Negotiations typically take several years.
David S
Britain has not got the balls to leave without a deal, this means any deal, if it did talks would have taken 4 months maximum
No deal!! All the way!!
Alan Stevens
This shows two things. (1) Parliament is a talking shop and (2) Brexit is way more complicated than anyone who voted for it could ever have realised.
Gabbe Gubbe
Brexit is stopped.....Labour & Tory will be obliterated ! 😈😈
I lasted 1 minute 0 seconds before I gave up
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James O'Brien vs four weeks Watch Liam Fox face questions 1 day ago   1:28:37

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