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http://www.engvid.com What is a stative verb? Watch this free ESL lesson and learn all about stative or non-active verbs! You will also learn the special grammar rules concerning stative verbs and 'to be'.

Test your understanding with the quiz at http://www.engvid.com/english-grammar-stative-verbs/

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Kobkoon P
Dear ms.r:I love your enunciation of 'you asked?'.
Kobkoon P
Dear ms.Ronnie:You're really exceptional and great English teacher.This's what I have been wondering for one and a half decades.I don't suppose that this has been taught in the English classes in other countries.
Ha Nah
Thank you so much Ronnie.
İngilizce Öğreniyorum
When we use 'have' before breakfast, can we say "I am having breakfast"?
Firman Fadilah
But I saw
"I'm Loving it"
In McDonald's advertise
sumedha choudhari
Your style is very different.You are cute.And this video is really very informative. Thank you Ronnie.
Brian Chan
This video is always helpful. Thanks a lot.
Shakeel Malak
soon u will be mad,
lena jarad
How do we say imagine if we want to say " I'm imagining for a short time"
Because if I say "I imagine" it looks like I'm imagining for ever
muchukii Tshong
What about " listen" is it stative verb??
Can we say "I am listening music"?
Alex Thai
how about I loving it, without to be verb..............just gerund???
R. G
O my Cutie Pie teacher, you made me confuse, i was using some sentences in a wrong way. Really but i would love to speak grammatically correct instead .
4:30 you can say “ she/he is being happy/selfish/.....” it means usually she is not happy
masud rana
Nice,i enjoy this class. From Bangladesh
Alina Elizabeth
After 11 years of english, I always say it gramaticly wrong?? Whaaat?
By the way, thanks for this video! It helps me a lot!
Magdalena Nowakowska
That's very helpful, thank you Ronnie. Just one question: why can we say "I'm having a baby"?
juhi's poetic vision
Thanks for this. 😍
prem malhotra
I have a doubt that SEE is also the stative verb then is this sentence correct-  they are looking forward to seeing us soon. Because after looking verb should be in ing form but after 'to' we don't use ing.
Sirajunnisa Ain
Plz mam I'm 'loving' 😜 class , I'm looking forward for your reply
Sirajunnisa Ain
Can I put it in nutshell if I'm not wrong , these r the abstract things?
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Stative verbs. Aprende inglés English Grammar - Stative Verbs 2 days ago   06:17

Hoy vamos a ver los Stative verbs, esos verbos que nunca se usan en gerundio. Si te gusta dale a like y suscríbete. También estamos en facebook en Aprende inglés con Marcos y en twitter en @inglesfacilon