Making My Brother Think We Got KICKED Embarrass Each Other CHALLENGE 1 day ago   27:18

Dolan Twins
I hired an actor to pretend to be our landlord and kick us out of the house... here's how Ethan reacted hahaha


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Valy Martínez
I can’t with the landford’s laugh😂
fruity al
my mom said if this comment gets 5k likes she’ll buy me a new cat and a new dog
Lucy Rainbow
This was gr8
0:18 xDD
bLaCKpIOnK ;0 We Stan
22:07 that slap though
Keela Holmes
Omg I feel so bad for him 😢
Boa Hancock
Ethan was so calm through all of this unlike grayson who almost got bald from anger and stress when he got
KLT was here
It’s funny how Ethan is the calm one when getting pranked while Grayson is the one with anger issues when he gets pranked😂
lolasum sumi-san
I actually loved protective Grayson even though it was just an acting. It was pretty cute.
Thank u lisa and sean (rip sean) for making great kids ❤️💖💛
Grayson was so dramatic with that slap 😂
jillian moore
when he slapped grayson i wanted Ethan to get up and slap Walter!
fruity al
am i high or does his hoodie change colors every clip😂
Massi Jovial
Giuliana Trotta
anyone notice on the pen cam, the date says 2017??
Lavender Ghost
The fake landlord sounds and act like justin hammer
Laura S
Ohmygoodness! That looked like a movie lol. Great prank🤣😃😄😅
Love, Cy
Is everyone going to ignore the fact at 2:40 Grayson's morning voice is so hot.
Raenelle Francisco
19 year old boy guy
Ethan did react when Grayson got slapped guys, he was going to see his brother but Grayson stopped him immediately lol
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Embarrass Each Other CHALLENGE Making My Brother Think We Got KICKED 1 day ago   09:28

We take turns telling embarrassing stories about each other to see how bad we can really embarrass each other LOL. If you let the other person complete the story you get one point, but if you choose to stop them mid-story... you take the L


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