Making My Brother Think We Got KICKED Not My Arms Challenge: MOUSE TRAP 2 days ago   27:18

Dolan Twins
I hired an actor to pretend to be our landlord and kick us out of the house... here's how Ethan reacted hahaha


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Alana Elderkin
the way Gray told him to drop the attitude, even when he knew it was fake, love that
So I just thought of some great video ideas. First-spend a whole day without saying anything mean to each other or arguing. Second-take the Enneagram test! See what type you are. :)
Great video oh my gosh you him him so good!
Melody Mind
Ew ew ew can't watch on I'm too afraid and cringing to see what's gonna happen. 30 seconds into the actual prank and I'm just too nervous for Ethan. Uggh I don't think I could stand watching Ethan get anxious and afraid. Poor guy 😂
Jillian Caruso
ethan: “now all i need to do is get him back”
gray: “no, no no.”
Alowla Allwan
graysons hair tho...
Ayla Husby
I’m so sorry about your dad and if I could have come to the funeral then I would’ve and I wouldn’t have done it to do it for a meet and greet. I would’ve done bc ik that a dad is so important to someone and ik that so I would’ve come to support y’all
Karla Jade
My favorite part was when Grayson showed Ethan the camera in his room, and he was like "There's a camera in my room? Wha.. how did that.. when did that get there" hahaha
Jose Quinones
I subscribed and hit the notification bell
I’m A Cow
*you have seven dayyysss* 🙎🏻‍♀️

If you don’t know it’s from the ring😂😫
Petrina Fuller
Omg poor Ethan
Gabby Watson
this guy is such a good actor
Emily 2006
PLEASE i need to meet my fathers
Emily 2006
i need to meet you
Emily 2006
please go on tour
Alexandra Bauer
The acting was on point! 🤟🏼😊
Yasmin Ashek
Amy Cabrera
Wait...I know this is random is Grayson ONLY INTO BLONDES?!?
Tinymango 17
Forget Leonardo give Walt an Oscar 👏🏆
Zoe Graham
every time the guy says huh
Ισιδώρα Τσέλιου
Am I the only one who finds the fake landlord really sexy?...
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Not My Arms Challenge: MOUSE TRAP Making My Brother Think We Got KICKED 2 days ago   06:59

We put our arms in each other's shirts and blindly try to find a block of cheese within a maze of mouse traps. You probably shouldn't do this at home..

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