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Mucky Secrets (Full) - The Marine | - At Ai-Tube.com

Mucky Secrets (full) - The Marine 2 days ago   1:32:25

Bubble Vision
"Mucky Secrets" is a documentary about the marine life of the Lembeh Strait at the heart of the Coral Triangle off north Sulawesi in Indonesia. The DVD is available at http://www.bubblevision.com/underwater-videos/Lembeh/Mucky-Secrets.htm

The Lembeh Strait is a popular scuba diving destination, famed for its excellent "muck diving". A huge diversity of exotic marine creatures can be found on the mucky seabed, including everything from tropical fish to benthic sharks to nudibranchs. Critters compete for survival with an armoury including camouflage, mimicry, toxicity, and dazzling coloration.

"Mucky Secrets" is an excellent resource for scuba divers, aquarists, and marine biology students. The documentary features underwater macro footage from many of Lembeh's famous dive sites including Critter Hunt, Police Pier, Tanjung Kusu-Kusu, Nudi Falls, Aer Perang, Jahir, Makawide, Nudi Retreat, Retak Larry, TK (Teluk Kembahu), Hairball and Aw Shucks.

There are subtitles/CC tracks for the narration and for the scientific and common names of the marine species, and dive site names.

Watch the 4-minute prologue video at https://ai-tube.com/videoai/uptG_rMhA5b

Marine life featured:

0:00:00 Introduction
0:05:11 Corals
0:05:57 Tunicates - sea squirts - ascidians
0:06:37 Symbiosis - sea anemones - anemonefish (clownfish)

0:07:29 Commensal shrimps (partner shrimps)
0:09:12 Emperor shrimp
0:11:07 Mantis shrimps
0:12:34 Squat lobsters
0:13:27 Hermit crabs
0:14:26 True crabs
0:15:55 Sea Urchins

0:17:11 Blue spotted stingrays
0:18:15 Brownbanded bamboo shark

0:18:59 Snake eels
0:20:27 Moray eels
0:21:34 Ribbon eels

0:22:33 Cardinalfishes
0:24:43 Trumpetfish
0:25:58 Seahorses
0:27:06 Pygmy seahorse
0:28:30 Pipefishes
0:30:38 Ghost pipefishes
0:33:22 Shrimpfishes - razorfishes
0:33:58 Seamoths - short dragonfish
0:35:03 Oriental flying gurnard
0:35:58 Blennies
0:36:49 Gobies
0:37:46 Sea pen
0:38:17 Dragonets
0:40:49 Mandarinfish
0:42:08 Frogfishes
0:46:39 Juvenile fishes
0:47:12 Spotted parrotfish
0:48:20 Sweetlips
0:49:05 Yellowblotch razorfish
0:49:37 Filefishes
0:50:24 Boxfishes - cowfishes
0:50:57 Puffers (pufferfish)
0:52:21 Sharpnose puffers (tobies)
0:52:50 Porcupinefishes
0:53:45 Panther grouper
0:54:10 Whitemargin stargazer
0:54:54 Leopard flounder
0:55:25 Flatheads
0:56:36 Scorpionfishes
0:57:27 Ambon Scorpionfish
0:58:04 Rhinopias
0:59:50 Lionfishes
1:02:29 Demon stinger (spiny devilfish, bearded ghoul)
1:03:17 Fireworm
1:03:45 Waspfishes

1:05:48 Cuttlefishes
1:08:38 Octopuses
1:11:34 Flame scallop
1:12:03 Sea snails
1:14:37 Sea slugs - nudibranchs
1:21:49 Sea slugs feeding
1:23:57 Nudibranchs mating
1:26:11 Sap-sucking slug
1:26:59 Headshield slugs
1:27:49 Sea hares
1:30:21 Polyclad flatworm
1:31:18 End credits

I have more scuba diving videos and underwater footage on my website at:

I post updates about my videos here:

Arrival of the Broken Kings by Klangachse (http://klangachse.de)
The Unknown by Jaycieh (http://soundcloud.com/jaycieh)

All the following tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Covert Affair, Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Snake Lady, Hitman, Sneak 'n Get Caught, Water Prelude, The Other Side of the Door, Sneaky Adventure, Umbrella Pants, Comfortable Mystery, Babylon, Mysterioso March, Sneaky Snitch, Hidden Agenda, Lightless Dawn, Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Mermaid, Scheming Weasel (slower version), Brittle Rille, Perspectives by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com)
Mystery 2, Joy 2 by Tom Cusack (Leafy Lane Productions)(http://freemusicforvideos.com)
Divider, Air Hockey Saloon by Chris Zabriskie (http://chriszabriskie.com)
Mountain Breeze (pad), Biosphere by Purple Planet (http://purple-planet.com)
Second Thoughts by James Kirsch a.k.a. generalfuzz (http://generalfuzz.net, http://soundcloud.com/generalfuzz)
Blade Walker by Lahniz (http://soundcloud.com/lahniz)
Untitled Ambient Tune by TekMerc (http://soundcloud.com/tekmerc)
Melody of the Lost Ark by Ojini Project (http://soundcloud.com/ojiniproject)

Thanks to:
- Two Fish Divers (http://twofishdivers.com) who I stayed and dived with on Lembeh Island, and especially to their keen-eyed dive guides for their critter spotting
- Phiangpis Phanchana for diving and production assistance
- Gerry Allen and Teresa Zubi (http://starfish.ch) for assistance with marine species identification
- Bill Rudman for creating the now-idle sea slug forum (http://seaslugforum.net), still an invaluable source of knowledge.

The video was shot by Nick Hope with a Sony HVR-Z1P HDV camera in a Light & Motion Bluefin HD housing with Light & Motion Elite lights, a flat port, and a Century +3.5 diopter.

Comments 669 Comments

Mission Coffee
This is so fascinating to watch!
1:26:26 it's a real life Gastrodon omg 😳
Demon StinGer..fish
Mark Garin
The first 'conch' shell was a cone shell
Your videos help me sleep. Please do more of them.
lazy Sloth
I like how the male hermit crab carries the female hermit crab. So cute 😍
Zegik Niet
can you tell me something that isnt used in 'twaditional chinese medican'? what erent these fuckers killing for thzeir traditional bs?
in indonesia...?? Woow...my Contry..
15:30 I was gonna make a joke about it being Mr. Crabs but it wouldn't be him, anyway. he'd be away, too busy making MONEEEEE.
40:08 yaaaawn
39:49 is no one going to mention that this is the tiniest little cutest fish ever ?

to the right of the big one.
i love the generous use of royalty free music
Shula Oudean
This video was amazing! Some of the best underwater footage that exists!
Barry Alan
The very Best Video, I have never seen such Incredible, fascinating.
What amazing bio diversity.
Magnificent skill in the use of a camera. A true work of art. You have opened my eyes, my mind and soul into a world I have never seen before. You are geniuses. This is worthy of a prize for a great film.
Thank you. Very much
Prince Solomon
So many amazing shots and new creatures i havn't seen in any other doc before!!!! This is one of the best & highly informative documentaries i've seen, and i've seen many!!!
Mike H
Fantastic! Very well presented one of the best documentaries I've watched in a long time!!
Thern Foster
Spectacular documentary, very informative and explains every detail eloquently! I'm surprised this is free to watch lol
Jahaira Munoz
If you don't believe in 👽 this here will.. OMG this video got my jaw on the floor😍
Excellent photography, superb and sensitive narration! A fantastic find that's both informative and entertaining! I'm going diving....
Olga Gr
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Mucky Secrets (full) - The Marine 2 days ago   07:49


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