Here's Why I LIED About Not Buying The Lotus Esprit is the Last Affordable 1 day ago   19:57

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Jeff Mayo
Your a father now,OK?
It's time to call your newest family member a daughter or a son..not a KID,-CURTAIN CLIMBER or RUGRAT.
Leif Tastad
Let me show you the quirks of features of my new year's resolution.
John Frei
The “burger business”?
Hoovie is the ‘Cooler’ of cars, just like the movie where gamblers would lose when the Cooler came near, the cars lose their reliability.
You idiot, just put them in the wifes name and your resolution would stand.
Nasko Janev
14:35 typical Doug
Nasko Janev
5:05 Ben Shapiro?
Jonathon Barton
- That Is All.
Lets be honest its much its much harder to get to meet Jeremy Clarkson and get him to talk about cars instead of a hammer or something
Dough 619 Nut
Wtf is this dude rambling about
That intro is nuts.
them fancy cars r great for average people to get noticed, kinda like tattoos
R. Aaron Hible
I "thought" I heard your name when they were announcing the judges on the Concours. My wife said I was hearing things. Glad I'm not crazy. Speaking of Amelia Island car fires this year, we saw a brass era car at Bonhams in Amelia catch fire on the block. It still sold for over 6 figures.
Where can I find the hoovie and Miguel video???
Leave it to Hoovie to sneak in a McLaren Senna in the last 30 seconds of a 20 minute video
Westing House
It's too bad his wife is a gold digger
Odtuber Odtuner
Glad your back buying!
Glad to have you back !
Engine light went off in your McLaren?? Take it to the dealership, im sure it is broken...
I think I know that guy in the white jeans at 5:02 :))
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The Lotus Esprit is the Last Affordable Here's Why I LIED About Not Buying 1 day ago   09:47

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