Boris Johnson refuses to address Boris Johnson denies claims 2 days ago   01:34

Sky News
Boris Johnson refuses to address an alleged row with his girlfriend at Tory hustings.

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I think Boris should break up before he ends up killing his girlfriend just like Chris watts
I do think people should leave it alone. It's probably a normal relationship argument. I just hate Boris because he dissed Kaiser Chiefs.
Paul Rose
If it was the other way around, Boris would be all over Jeremy to come clean. He'd be using it to beat him over the head to win favour with the voters. Because that's how these self seeking careerests are. They'll do absolutely anything to get what they want. Which in this case is promotion at work.
Bhala Sada
............ One must remember women can be the ones who assault men:
Calling All Official
Sooooooo out of touch with the people........ sky news and the bbc should b ashamed of themselves
Robbie Knight
Good on Boris, stay on track. Ignore these media morons snooping into your domestic life
Spartacus Forlife
I'd normally say it's none of our business but given politicians set laws on relationships and given his girlfriend was shouting " get off me" i'd actually say it has relevance given he wants to be prime minister. If their relationship is that tempestuous shouldn't we be concerned about both of them being on business abroad for the nation. To be honest the idea of johnson becoming prime minister fills me with dread even more so than corbyn becoming prime minister. I do not want a buffoon leading us. The one across the pond is enough
shaun spadah
my next door neighbours had a row today called police and guardian there not interested
FactsTrumpFeelings FTF
So his neighbours tape his argument with his missus, call the police, then send the recording to the guardian... we need to get the neighbours on television, and grill them
Mark Cooper
Don't tell them
John Bartley
Being an ugly toothy monster is no reason to hurt her Bojo!
Kay Camille
If Donald trump can grab em by the pussy 🐱 I’m sure our Boris can tip the odd glass of wine 🍷 on a settee. 😜
Mrityunjay Singh
Boris has all the rights to keep his private life what it ought to be - 'private' ! It was as shameful for the interviewer at the hustings to persist on it for 5 mins - as it is for the media to drum it up ! If a man or woman's ability is now judged based on his/her partner's temper - heaven help the British media !
Sandymoor Ferrari club
Boris Johnson is a people-pleasing pansy, who runs away and hides whenever anybody says anything mean about him. I bet he'll become PM and then we'll only see him once every few months when he emerges to give a rousing speech to his supporters (because he wants some applause, not because it's of any use to the country).
Miki Dewberry
woman abuses man, therefor man unfit? dreadful feminist media
Remoaners trying to knock him out of the race so they invent some bullshit to try and jeopardise his position
sha shazan ali
Simple, he wanted bed fun
She said NO
Look at him, or she could be a plant god knows
suvignan pothuraju
Boris Johnson is really a maverick!!!!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Claire B
Why should he have to say anything about his private life and what does it matter if he had a tiff haven't we all?
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Boris Johnson denies claims Boris Johnson refuses to address 2 days ago   02:39

Police say they will take no further action, after being called to the home of Boris Johnson - the leading candidate to take over Britain's Conservative Party.
A neighbour claimed to have heard a loud domestic altercation.
At a campaign event in Birmingham, Johnson downplayed the incident.

Al Jazeera's Laura Burdon-Manley reports.

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