Watch Theresa May update MPs on the progress Guests FIRE BACK at Jimmy’s 8 months ago   2:44:42

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Scott Stevenson
Treasonous Theresa.
filmbuff 2013
God she's now allowing Gibraltar to push her around, regarding Brexit. Maggie Thatcher certainly wouldn't have been intimidated and I wasn't a fan of that cold, unreasonable bitch.
She’s going to get kicked out on a confidence vote. Article 50 will be postponed
New leader will come in and scrap the May remain deal
jenson senna
The CONS are finished nobody will vote for for the BULLSHIT party ever again.
Stephen Roche
Another pile of cack however you gloss it it'still the same pile of cack please go woman and take your people with you i say people because you are not a goverment and make way for Corbyn and his strong and stable team.
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Guests FIRE BACK at Jimmy’s Watch Theresa May update MPs on the progress 8 months ago   10:27

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A lot of you have asked for it! Here's some of the best moments of guests firing back at Jimmy Carr's insults, part 1!
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