Methods Used to Slow Down The Coastline Paradox Explained 4 months ago   01:52

This is a video describing the different kinds of methods that are currently used to slow down coastal erosion.

Photos by: Tim Norris, Blue Square Thing, Donald Macleod, er.c st.mmel, Richard Allaway, kimhollingshead, Dominic Alves, Jennifer Wheatley, Rutgers, Pew Institute of Ocean Science,, Haraway and Byrnes

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AT 0:39 the video showed that the breakwaters are the ideal long term solution which create ideal beaches while completely stopping erosion ... The video evidence is proof that they work... Then the video ignores this solution ... I recommend to take note of that. ....
Ned Laine
Not good quality video but the content was helpful
Jacqueline Melendez
your vid was extremely helpful. thank you sooooo much!
Joseph Hamilton-Black
By the way it's "Beach Nourishment" not "Beach Nurschment" like it sounds like the narrator is saying
peter north 1000
thanks for the pics of the groynes,,FYI u made one big false statement GROYNES do work and have never failed they have been used for about 200 years now ,they are the best and cheapest meathod ,dunes on the other hand I belive are the worst .....thanks
Thx! you helped me! ;) keep it up!
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The Coastline Paradox Explained Methods Used to Slow Down 4 months ago   06:00

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