The Pyramids & Sphinx Were Submerged Scientists Discover Anunnaki Genes 3 months ago   11:34

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The Pyramids and Sphinx of the Giza plateau are possibly thousands of years older than mainstream researchers suggest. In fact, these ancient structures could well predate the ancient Egyptian civilization by thousands of years.
Many researchers indicate there is enough evidence to suggest the Giza plateau was heavily flooded in the past. Interestingly, given the evidence found at the Giza plateau, the Pyramids and Sphinx could be some of the megalithic structures that survived the Great Deluge.
Researchers suggest that the Sphinx, the Temple of the Sphinx, and the first 20 fields of the Great Pyramid of Giza exhibit erosion due to deep water saturation.


Scenes from History Channel's Ancient Aliens were used under Fair Use for educational purposes

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darrin hughes
Yes, when the moon was being put into position over 200 000 years ago it brought tides to new heights and caused tsunamis.
Jerome Crockett
I Egyptians just moved in but those pyramids were built by something else during dinosaur times
Chemtrails going on in the background skies 0:16
Review Central
This is true because the sphinx had water inside
My non famous burner account Famous
during dinosaurs age we were giants but like most of species on earth shrunk in size the earth is MUCH MUCH younger than is "known"
I can feel the truth in this video.
karl partridge
The Sphinx may look man made but it is actually a natural " concretion"
Hi commenters and readers!

As a theosophist we are taught about ancient history according to the theosophical and Vedic tradition and this also counts for the hermetical tradition which I'm also a part of. The knowledge that we receive has been passed down through secret societies and kept sealed from outsiders through the ages. Only the ones that enter these societies and follow the initiation program gets to know the "hidden" history of mankind. I will keep it simple. I'd like to reveal some information which will seem almost as if it were taken from a science fiction book, it is a matter of profound investigation and you will stumble upon all of the clues that are hidden in plane sight. I'm revealing this as an order from the inner circles to prevent chaotic misinterpretation, although in my opinion it is almost inevitable in this digital era. Of course it is up to you to agree or disagree, believe or disbelieve. But if you're here you might have the intrinsic feeling that something is not quite right, that there is a much more deeper meaning to our past, our present and our future.

This is dedicated to the seekers (you know who you are) SATYÂT NÂSTI PARO DHARMAH.

Everything is cyclical and as everything that exists civilisations go through a period of gestation, maturity and death. The same destiny awaits our present "baby" civilisation. Previous to our "modern" civilisation there have been several other advanced civilisations. It is a matter of looking at recent history and you will see how the Roman Empire went from a glorious birth to an ugly death. As a matter of fact the city of Rome was abandoned and left behind transforming the city in a post apocalyptic scenery back in the days of Buddha Joshua (aka Jesus Christ). Egypt was starting to be a tourist attraction back in those days, so imagine the levels of misinformation and fantasised theories that were already making the rounds. But luckily the hermetic traditions where kept in esoteric societies, these where in abundance all over the recent ancient world. Due to its levels of secrecy and highly formal and highly bureaucratic initiation the knowledge held in these societies was pure and "non-violated" and it is still so up to these days.

We begin with the "hidden" messages, these are hidden in the patterns of the numbers 10, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2 (but most importantly 7). You will see these recurrently in the ancient civilisations of almost all of the world also in their sacred texts and myths. It is in these numbers where you will find answers and the connection to these very old highly advanced civilisations. 

There have been previous to this global era four previous eras. The first two are a bit difficult to understand but I will focus on the third and the fourth for now. These eras are long pieces of time where different civilisations evolve within one bigger "mother" civilisation. In theosophy they call these "races", each root race has seven subraces. I prefer to call them humanities or eras. The third one is popularly called the "Lemurian" era. This "race" is known as the fallen angels or the titans in mythologies from all over the world. These were the first "formal humans" but in a gigantic almost monstrous form. These lived together with the dinosaurs and had a long period of evolution. (From this point it gets quite freaky and believe me it took me several years to digest and dig to the depths to finally truly believe and understand). They are called the fallen angels because the Mannasaputras "The Sons of Mind" / "Mental Lords of Venus" (yes the planet). Came down to earth (in mental form) and gave "us" what we now call spiritual intelligence aka "mind" (the reason for this is explained in the inner circles but I am not allowed to divulge it). Fast forward to a couple of gazillion years later the third root race / third humanity gave birth to its fifth sub humanity: 

The Atlanteans.

The first Atlanteans (which name I shall not name) gave birth to other two subraces the most important of these two where the TOLTECS. By now the Toltecs had colonised almost every corner of the world (which of course had a different configuration and the poles switch). The Toltecs where the ones that build the pyramids and made the colossal temples you can see abandoned all over the world. They were literally magicians, people highly advanced in spiritual matters and therefore knew all of the rules of physics, mathematics astronomy, astrology, alchemy (which now we only know its formal part called chemistry). This civilisation went so far as to create "floating cities" and air vehicles that were controlled through the mind (Vimanas). They had large highly technological cities spread all over the world but controlled their empire through the central continent/island called "RUTA" which a gazillion years later became Poseidonis. Their religion was a universal one and praised the sun as their god. As per universal law each humanity is ended by cataclysmic events either due to their misbehaviour or due to a combination of planetary conjunctions and earths expansion. But in the case of the Atlantean Toltecs their natural technology went so far they got corrupted and tried to manipulate de axis of the earth as to prevent earths natural breathing (ice ages). 

By this time several other subraces where born being the last of them the Mongolian and with the birth of the last the full circle of the Atlanteans was closed. The manipulation of the axis of the earth (and here I am dropping a big spoiler on the reason of some of the pyramids) made the earth (which of course is a living conscious being all by itself) resist that manipulation, but even though it resisted it got slightly of axis provoking a polar shift and of course a massive global cataclysm which went on for centuries giving birth to several mountain regions such as the Andes. The survivors fled to the highest grounds to be saved from the rising waters (Mount Sinai, Tibetan Plateau, Ethiopian Highlands). Khemi aka Egypt was flooded several times and the pyramids where underwater for a couple of centuries. Earth kept adjusting its axis until +/- 10.000 B.C. destroying Poseidonis the last remnant of RUTA a relatively large island somewhere in what now is the desert of Mauritania (then part of the Atlantic ocean that extended to the atlas mountains then called "The Pillars of Hercules"). The survivors of the last cataclysmic event went on to be the founders of the new Khem / the Old Kingdom of Egypt as well as parts of North/Central and South America (Mayas/Incas/North American Indian Tribes). 

This new humanity is called the AryanAtlantean which is a combination of all the remnants of the Atlanteans with the new civilisation which was flourishing in this new yet ancient land called INDIA.

More I can not tell.

Peace )-(
Al B
This is incredible
Simon Peter Agyei
Read Genesis 6:4. Who Does the Bible Refer to as MIGHTY MEN OF OLD and MEN OF RENOWN. if The Flood Came Due to the wickedness of hybrid, the relationship between fallen angelic beings and daughters of men.
Matt Coombes
Matt from Ancient Architects posed a theory that the actual Pyramid Complex itself was in fact a successful attempt by an ancient civilization to survive whatever cataclysm caused the great flood. It's pretty mind blowing and supports a lot of theories regarding the water erosion of the monuments.
it wasn't humans that built the pyramids.
Rational View
And how did Pharos mummies end up inside the pyramids?
John D. Leo
that's so refreshing hearing some people with the courage and vision to imply the age of the Giza Pyramids nearing an age that mentions "millions" and 800k years instead of placating the liars and cowards of mainstream with numbers such as 8-12k. Thank you
Jake A
Norma Tible
Annunakis built them with their Technology and giant men
Ryan Schmitz
10:27 that is a artwork by a Japanese artist named Katsushika Hokusai and the name of the artwork is the great wave
Antonio G Valentino
True true true
Gabe Parra
How did the sand get there in the first place
Lalngaihsaki Ngaihi
It was covered by water during Noah's flood duh
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Scientists Discover Anunnaki Genes The Pyramids & Sphinx Were Submerged 3 months ago   06:19

The Anunnaki come to Earth, play god and engineer mankind. The chief scientist Enqi and the medical chief Ninti use genetic manipulation and in-vitro fertilization in order to create humans in their own image.They use mankind to serve their purposes and when it suits them, they dispense destruction in the form of a deluge of biblical(!) proportions. A few chosen humans are protected by a faction of the Anunnaki that decided to go against protocol. They survive and spread in all corners of the globe. Thousands of generations pass, and the genomes of those who ‘socialized’ the most become mingled beyond recognition.
But in a few places, the flame of the creators still burns.


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