Ocean in the Deep (Brothers) A Secret New York Island That 2 days ago   02:54

Red Sea Explorers
Diving the Brothers Islands never ceases to amaze. On this trimix dive to the Wrecks of Aida and Numidia the divers are greeted by an oceanic white tip at the depth of 63 meters. The curious beast stayed with them for upwards of 5 minutes at depth.

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A Secret New York Island That Ocean in the Deep (Brothers) 2 days ago   09:05

NYC has about 40 islands. And among those, there’s one that’s so confidential that you can't even visit it! Mystery worth solving, don't you think? We’re about to take a trip to the hush-hush New York island known as U Thant. You’ll definitely be surprised by its interesting history...

The history of U Thant Island 1:06
What U Thant Island is now 3:33
Another closed-off island in New York that's oozing with mystery 4:02
Snake Island in Brasil 5:20
Heard Island in the middle of the ocean between Australia and Antarctica 6:23
Surtsey Island in Iceland 7:14

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- U Thant Island is a teeny-tiny 100-by-200-foot artificial island located off the coast of Manhattan. Its history goes way back to the 1890s. The island remained undisturbed and out of the spotlight until 1977 when it was adopted by the Peace Meditation at the United Nations.
- It’s now turned into a protected sanctuary for migrating birds, including a small colony of beautiful double-crested cormorants.
- North Brother Island is currently designated as a bird sanctuary, but its history is a lot darker. The island was abandoned up until 1885 when it became the new location for Riverside Hospital. Riverside was at first an isolated hospital for smallpox patients but over time expanded and started accepting sufferers of other types of highly contagious and deadly diseases, like tuberculosis and typhoid fever.
- If we venture out across the globe, we’ll find even more places that are, for one reason or another, off-limits for visitors. One prime example is Snake Island, which is located about 90 miles off the coast of Sao Paulo. As to why this place is forbidden for travel, the name says it all! Snake Island houses from 2,000 to 4,000 venomous snakes.
- There are other even more mysterious places out there, like Heard Island. You can find it in the middle of the ocean between Australia and Antarctica. Heard Island is home to animals that are totally unique to this area, and the Australian government wants them to live in peace without human intervention.
- Surtsey Island was formed from a huge volcanic eruption that took place back in 1963. The eruption lasted for 4 whole years, allowing the island to grow to a size of one square mile. Since then, it’s continued to be a place of interest for volcanologists, botanists, and biologists alike.

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