Why I HATE Flying - Animated SHE CHOSE HIM OVER ME (Animated Story) 5 months ago   06:41

Young Don The Sauce God
I HATE FLYING Animated story by Young Don the Sauce God


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A little rant about why I HATE Flying


Written, story boarded, edited and animated by:

Don Hinds

Illustrated By:

Don Hinds

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Young Don The Sauce God
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Nasir Jones
Emma Louis
I fly first class lol
Emma Louis
I don’t mind flying
Kidgamer YT
You can hear dons Jamaican accent come out when he’s cheesed
Kole Brown
I hate flying because when the plane takes off I can breath I feel like throwing up
Awesome Skeleton tube
There were some kids putting fucking cheese on my back i was so annoyed so i bet i hate going on planes more than you do
Celia Tinsley
Listen ok listen.. I'm sure you here this often but ummm... 6'5 and you fine!? Yeah 6'5 you fine!😍
Life w Mercy
I don’t like flying because of the possibilities, throwing up, crashing, or if I’m not sitting next to my family , it’s annoying (not me throw up the people)
Maria QuinteIlla
i love flying and going to airports cuz idk I feel famous shit😔 i never go out as you can tell
Julian Jimenez
Ur way better than odd ones out cuz ur relatable
Victoria B
I hate flying and I have one reason

I am afraid of heights 😶😶
Nick Canning
I’ve never been on an airplane, at 13, sooooooooo

Can’t relate
I like flying
Epic Wolf Gamer
You’re dad should’ve pissed you out
Titanium destroyer
I dont hate flying nor do I like it i just fly if I have to
Buttery Popcorn
dude flying is so much better in australia
Jazmine Baby girl
I have the same exact bottle of lotion XD
Elton McKnight
Victoria Rodriguez
No no no no 👎 no
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SHE CHOSE HIM OVER ME (Animated Story) Why I HATE Flying - Animated 5 months ago   10:18

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