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Janell Rhiannon
Life seldom unfolds the way you expect. Despite our best efforts, it can wind up in a tangled mess. We lose hope. Faith fades. And then suddenly, in the midst of despair, a door opens, an answer is given, or a new path is cleared because we’re not alone...sometimes angels walk among us.

Arabella’s mother already thinks she’s a little crazy, so when a mysterious Presence fills her with a blinding light, she keeps it to herself. She’s given a heartbreaking mission. She spends her days among her fellow classmates, listening to their secret prayers and waiting for the moment of intervention.

Arabella understands that life is messy, complicated, and beautiful. The way she guides her fellow classmates will ultimately surprise you.

Love emerges from the mess. Hope emerges from the chaos. Faith emerges from the strength to endure.

12 destinies
12 twilights
12 lives that will never be the same

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Historical Fiction/Romance Books by Janell Rhiannon
Homeric Chronicles (Trojan War Romance)
1. Song of Princes: FREE @ Barnes and Noble
2. Rise of Princes TBR May 2017

Livingstone Saga (Gargoyle Romance)
1. Birth of the Gargoyle of Compostela: FREE @ Barnes and Noble

YA Titles
1. Invisible Wings (Paranormal):
2. Uncross the Stars (romance):

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Film Theory: DHMIS Unmasked! Invisible Wings by Janell Rhiannon 2 months ago   12:30

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