Theresa May's Brexit speech Prime Minister's speech to the Republican 2 days ago   42:30

Sky News
The Prime Minister has spelled out her plans for Brexit - with a warning that she is ready to walk away from negotiations unless Brussels offers a good deal.

Theresa May promised that MPs would get a vote on that deal. But she also made clear that Brexit would mean leaving the single market for good.

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Janine Mudaliar
Was she already being a deceiver then - even then?
Joe Green
I believed her, I voted for her, Liar!
William Bradford Bishop
David Murphy
This is the moment that an agreement with the EU acceptable to parliament became impossible. The red lines ruled out any kind of relationship within the European sphere of influence with even Turkey was rejected as a model. The wish to keep the Irish border open, bar free movement and leave the customs Union were incompatible.
.And she has the nerve to turn up at church on a Sunday after lying through her teeth and pretend she is holier than thou.
The worst PM this country has ever had. Bucking fitch.
Taylordoo 007
Sad to hear this speech again knowing the position parliament and HMG have got into. Very disappointing
It all sounded so promising
colin dearman
Worst PM ever
Gavin FreedomLover
We have no written constitution , did she just say that?
Yasin Abdurahman
A u turn to a great speech. Sorry but u have to go.
Conz 808
13:19 but we are not in control of our own laws...

She just admitted to being a puppet..
Hip-Hop please
Ruell Smith
3pac son
Duncan Sands
She's a Turkey who voted for Christmas!........March 29th deal with sprouts please!!
Dont believe aa word she says full of crap
michael green
Our leaders need to get the trust of the people back who they work for not say they will then don't.
Anthony Triff
Theresa bla bla bla....
Tabinda Afrin
Use that England song:
Three Lions on a shirt
Shout for England
Tabinda Afrin
Excellent word “United”.
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Prime Minister's speech to the Republican Theresa May's Brexit speech 2 days ago   34:15

Prime Minister Theresa May addressed the Republican Party conference in Philadelphia on 26 January 2017 and spoke about the special relationship between the UK and the United States. Read the full text of her speech:

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