Theresa May explains Brexit deal 'Political meltdown' grips UK after 1 day ago   4:59:00

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Ollie Jones
By not delivering the already made ‘ peoples vote’ our parliament will have betrayed our democracy, along with all of the principles and values that (as a collective) we must cling to so dearly. It isn’t parliaments job to decide amongst themselves weather to enforce democratic will, it is their duty. If we do not leave on terms that protect our national interests (legal protection) then parliament MUST be broken to the ground, and reconstructed so that MP’s do their duty to democracy. We must be prepared to trade on WTO or politics as we know it will end in the most withering way. No leave voter expects miracles, solely ‘fair game’! The commons should be turned into nothing more than a glorified library open to the public should the final nail be driven into the democratic result.
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'Political meltdown' grips UK after Theresa May explains Brexit deal 1 day ago   06:56

The United Kingdom continues to face political turmoil over Brexit, as Prime Minister Theresa May failed to find enough support in Parliament for her amended agreement with the European Union. Judy Woodruff talks to Sir Peter Westmacott, former British ambassador to the U.S., about the most likely courses of action now, May’s “extremely fragile” majority and why Brexit matters across the globe.

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