The surprising reason this dogs Golden retriever puppy keeps 2 days ago   10:07

Rocky Kanaka
You won't believe the story of this dog! He is now safe and is going to need a lot of love and care. Homer was a homeless dog that was running around for months after being tied up. Thank goodness a dog rescue jumped in to help so that they could save this poor puppy. Homer will need surgery and his road to recovery of being a feral dog could be a long one but I am willing to do whatever it takes.

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Rebecca Zamolo
These videos always warm my heart.Thank you Rocky for making such selfless and amazing content.
Grant Moyes
Oh yes , Hommer , lets get him Relaxing around a Home basket and Know when to get the love and Attention .
Alex Kelly
Ya...I feel you I lost my vary close friend from cancer I'm so sorry for your loss hope your day 's are going to be fun and live the life my friend never lived
Karl Schloemp
i. Love you Homer
Meredith Demaree
I love helping dogs so homer you are cute and you got this
Israeli FX
we love you homer
Henry Arteaga
Homer, I just want to let you know that you are the best dog in the world and I love you and I hope that you have a good life bye homer from, Henry
Metro Pcs
One like and it means i love you
Metro Pcs
1 like one dog gets adopted
aisha imran
Congratulations on almost hitting 1mil subs

U are very kind to animals tho I like people's like this u know?
Prophet Kristina ortega Ruiz
Drina Gates
You don't need to be putting them on a leash because he was chained up and he thought that that was a leash so he's scared of it and that's why he doesn't want to walk on it so just probably take off the leash and let him go into a field and it'll probably start walking around but stay near him
Kimberly McNeill
To cool hopefully when I have a empty nest n time I can help Marley's mutts out
Rachel Webster
I love you homer your the cutest ever
Rachel Webster
I wish I could just help i wish i could get a dog from a animal shelter but my mum said no
Thanks for your love ❤️
Zohmingi Kawlni
God bless you all
Lizzy Robertson
I need your help with my dog that we thought we gave to a good home 😔 because we had to move a few States down from North Dakota and the person took hem and used him as a dog fighting dog and he lost and the abandoned him and people find him and took him to a no kill shelter but I miss him and last time I new/ last week he was in really bad shape and we would go back and get him but we are not stable enough to. He is in Dickson North Dakota animal shelter I hope you can help him
Nikki 12
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Golden retriever puppy keeps The surprising reason this dogs 2 days ago   12:13

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