Sewer rescue UNDER the city A scared Golden Retriever panics 1 day ago   07:44

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TODAY we are celebrating Hope For Paws' 11th anniversary!
If you never donated to our organization, please donate $11 today and join our team. We risk our lives in dangerous locations to save these animals, we do it in all hours of the day and night, and we need help with providing the animals with the best medical care. You can make your donation here:

Thank you so much!!!

If you would like to adopt Slinky, please contact our friends from Foxy and the Hounds:


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Humaira Rafique
I like you because you loves animals
Cats are so stupid
Swatantra Dwivedi
Cutie 😍
Phuong Nguyen
I feel like I'm watching a movie
All the shouting and screaming from Terry Fox was probably not good for the kittens fear and anxiety levels in that situation. Tone it down Terry for the sake of the animals that you rescue. Other than that the rescue was amazing. It was like mission impossible! Hope For Paws commitment is the stuff of legend! Well done!
Stardust Animatronic
Is it just me or is that a cat?
You are heroes, but that cat is ugly 😂😂
Shaurya Singh
I don't think human mind has the ability to come up with words to describe people like you. Every word of praise I have tried to use is inadequate to match your standard of kindness.
culle6 crossover
so good people !
Scarlett Pereira
Good thing you guys are not claustrophobic! 👍🏼❤️
Kater Monty
Great work! We wish you all the best.
Thumbs up
Chantal Renaudot
Merci so much! You are great!
Dark Skies Smile
I'm afraid of small spaces and just watching it on screen made me uncomfortable. Props to you guys. There's nowhere u won't go to save an animal.
Storm Toast
He see the hearts lol 5:54
Nini, Jay, and Jayse Squad
WOW ... I was so surprised that the cat was found ... IMPRESSIVE TO SEE HOW MUCH YOU CARE ABOUT ANIMALS 👍👍👍
Great video guys!!! Wow! crazy rescue. Spiders and all!!! Thank you all so so much. Eldad and folks rocked this one!!
Ruby Torres
Viktoria Mentha
You people are awesome!!! Thnx to all of you❣️❣️❣️
Evelyse Giusti
Muhammad Aminuddin Baby
I'm so heart touched while heard the cat meowing, Thank you for saving the kitten💕👍
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A scared Golden Retriever panics Sewer rescue UNDER the city 1 day ago   04:30

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