Chris Brown - No Guidance (Audio) Chris Brown - Undecided (Official 7 days ago   04:23

“No Guidance" ft. Drake out now!

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samara wallace
I have been streaming this song since it came out........ it honestly is straight fyreeeee.......... Chris is the GOAT fr
luxolo bikitsha
Jarmaine Woods
Playing this song on repeat Chris brown and Drake greatest rapper slash singer Legendary icon 7.8K
Pinky Promise
They can do no wrong in my eyes..Best ever!! play no 🎮👑☝👣
zaky Ahmed
Hopefully we don't have no babies 🤣🤣🤣 don't trap me and you baby girl right
Keren Appiah
Chris ruined the song. If drake made the whole song, It would of been fire!!!
Xelelwa Mtshizana
I didn't see this collab coming, damn
Paige Tudxr
Sweet Like--Peaaaaaaaach treí
Dennxs TC
Los 2 ex's de rihanna
The 2 ex's of rihanna
KoKo FitFaded
Rakheem Allah
Poolside vibes! Aka camel toe stalking (;
Aleksadra Zurek
Yeah! Chris is back 😘 I love it
Jay Nike
How the fuck is this dude still famous? Get him the fuck out of the spotlight already....
HipHop Boy
Yeyooooo two lions so 💣💥

From Tz HipHop Boy
norine breezy
rihanna : they will never collab :p
Drake and chris : Hold my beer
Queen Foxy
They really killed this.. I love it. 😍😍😍
i'm waiting this joint for so long (chris brown x drake)
Yo the intro for this is legit from a che ecru song!
Endy M
🌹🌹💏 A banger !!! Another ☝ MR BROWN 👏👏
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Chris Brown - Undecided (Official Chris Brown - No Guidance (Audio) 7 days ago   04:56

“Undecided” out now!

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