MENTALLY WEAK: President Trump Second Presidential Debate | Election 1 day ago   18:26

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Art Vandelay
bottom line is that when Trumpster Supreme hangs a nick-name on're finished.
Its like looking at god
Best US president ever, we need a wall around europe. Greetings from Sweden.
Darrin Keith
Media get ZERO exposure. AWESOME!
Stan Laferr
"Joe Biden did not think that China is a competitor. Joe Biden is a dummy!" President Trump is awesome!
America 81
EL Paso, TX Republican in the house President Donald Trump 2020 🇺🇸💪🏽 !!!!!!
Andrew Hinojosa
I hate trump viva MEXICO
Trumps hair looks more stranger than usual today :P
Noobsnomore Clan
The press are perfect examples of starved scavengers😂😂😂. Feed them!!!!!!!😂😂
The dumbest person to have ever entered the white house, Dumb Donald.
Marlene Farinetti
The best president!!!MAGA 2020👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
manaohar samtani
I think Joe Biden will win I think. Only reason Trump is looking good because Central bank J.P. Morgan is supporting a Trump market. J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs are calling the shots.

I am sure both these banks will realize what kind of country they want. When the values of country start sinking so low I dont think these central banks can do much, because the world will just ignore you. So i warn these banks think about what morals you support. Because when I am dead and long gone I am sure many things would have changed by then.

Today I have come to a conclusion that USA is falling very fast in its sense of right and wrong.
Yes many other countries are doing the same. What you is what you will reap.
steven roscoe
Nobody can talk over him. A true alpha male in the white house. The man is actually using the white house as an office.
God bless America trump 2020 🇺🇸
'Even slower than he used to be' ………………. ha ha ha ha ha. The Donald always makes me laugh!
Wow... so many morons in the Trump base. It is truly a reflection on the dumbing down of America. Admiring a buffoon and bragging about it. LOL!
Damian Scarff
Hold on everyone. Here comes the Trump Train for 2020 hurrah.
Michelle Alexander-Nolin
Edwin Flores
I could agree with allot of his views because they stand for greatness.. real causes being taking care of , problems being solve in prudency. Why are people mad at the thruth??? So much ignorence going against greatness for no reason .. they can't win against us, USA will for ever stand strong no matter the obstacle.. in God we trust for ever and ever .. we will prosper and USA will be first in all things because we were made for this to rule with an iron 👊
zhang yilong
When the moment Trump has became the president of United states,I know, The time of China has come.;)
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Second Presidential Debate | Election MENTALLY WEAK: President Trump 1 day ago   1:33:28

Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump square off for the second time during a debate held at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Second Presidential Debate | Election 2016 | The New York Times