Al Leiter speaks out against N.J. 4 months ago   05:47

Former Mets and Yankees star pitcher Al Leiter passionately testifies against New Jersey’s sports betting bill at the Statehouse in Trenton. (Video by Brent Johnson | NJ Advance Media for

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Rafael Garcia
Yeah bullshit's all about baseball and the other sports getting their cut....the only reason he did this is to keep in the good graces of MLB
bobby conti
al leiter you sound ridiculous..any athlete can bet right now as we speak, whether it's legalized or not, this changes nothing..and if a professional athlete can't control himself and stay away from a sports book while being a professional athlete then he doesn't deserve to be a professional athlete..also 500k can not be bet anywhere in any casino on a prop ball or strike best you can bet a couple hundred..Al leiter get your facts right before you go into a political hearing and speak publicly on an issue!
adam brown
Shut up!! BILLIONS of dollars are bet each year as it is . Most of that being off shore money. (ILLEGAL GAMBLING!!) So betting on baseball will happen regardless. Now with the Bill being passed the US can tax it regulate play and keep the money in America. Bottom line it will benefit the economy in a huge way!!
Jim Fromearth
Then let’s stop betting in Vegas. I use to like you but now I see you are stupid.
Sure only the hi rollers can go Vegas and place a bet. Kids,kids,kids,kids.
What are talking about?😛
Rocco Bealino
He does NOT know crap about sports betting .. you cannot bet $500,000 on a prop bet!!
Throwing a ball on first pitch.. Casino will not take that bet and monitors betting .. not the pro teams. They just want to take taxpayers money. "Integrity Fee" my ass, tell the NBA, MLB to go pound sand. Taxpayers already pay for their Stadiums .. they should be paying NJ.
Mark Cuban, owner of NBA Dallas Mavericks said his teams value doubled now that nationwide betting is legal.. NBA go get your money from him and the other owners for your "Integriy Fee !!!
Justin Ferree
Did the MLB really bring out this bozo to help their argument? He is an absolute idiot and doesn't understand what you can bet on, how you can bet, and more importantly he doesn't understand that the same issues he is raising can already happen with offshort betting. By bringing legalized betting back to the states it allows sportbooks to monitor and communicate (yes they do that) and spot irregular betting patterns that would immediately raise red flags. Also, prop bets such as betting on balls and strikes (Vegas doesn't have this) generally are limit bets, which Mr. Leiter obviously doesn't understand either. But that means that the most you can bet on a prop like that would be $ 500 or $ 1000 so trying to get down $ 500K is insane. MLB, NFL, NBA, MLB, etc need to do some research before the put bozos like AL LEITER out supporting their cause. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!
John Anthony
'Let's not give the general population to the right to do something because professional athletes may not be able to control themselves.' Sure. lol
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Al Leiter speaks out against N.J. 4 months ago   11:56