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Tracy Mac

On January 11th 2014 Life Coach TRACYMAC Facilitated the "Your Life Is Your Business Seminar" in Raleigh, NC - We appreciate everyone who showed up for themselves, received a positive return on their investment and we are grateful for the positive feedback and participation! Many thanks to all who listen, view, respond and inquire. We see you, we hear you, your life matters & you are relevant and we are here to help.

TRACYMAC Coaching Services presents workshops and seminars pertaining to self-discovery, personal and professional development in the Raleigh-Durham as well as throughout the country. We offer coaching and mentoring services to VIP clients, private and public group coaching, in person and via telegroups and webinars.

You can invite Coach TracyMac to your event. Do you need to kick off your annual conference or private retreat, conduct a workshop, breakout session or inspire a group within your organization? TracyMac delivers an inspirational, thought-provoking, humorous, fact-filled, informational presentation. She is a brilliant keynote speaker and will be remembered for her delivery and ability to engage an audience causing them to positively alter behaviors, modify strategies, or feel transformed and inspired.

Out of the thousands of speakers to choose from for your next event, there is only one with the relationship wisdom, spiritual insight, the sense of humor, warmth and charm of TracyMac. Her mission message and practicality speak to all kinds of audiences on a grand scale. Through her inspirational presentations, TracyMac draws on her personal and extensive coaching experiences, her unique ability to understand of life's transitions and maintain a sense of humor, yet be serious enough to become what it takes to heal. Experience her know-how and excellence to share with audiences of diverse ethnicities and areas of profession, those essential elements that consist of her insight, wisdom and ability to adjust to the needs of her audience.

TracyMac is available for:

Speaking engagements
Public seminars and events
University and College Groups
Network Meetings
Women's Retreats
Private/Professional Social Groups
Small Businesses & Non-Profit Organizations
Religious Conferences
Based on consistent the testimonials of clients and particpants, it is proven that TracyMac's presentations are engaging, thought-provoking, inspire to action, and re-engage the hope of possibilities!
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Understanding Spiritual Partnerships in Your Life Coach TracyMac's "Your 6 months ago   04:07

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