Favela Cantagalo (Rio de Janeiro) Walking in Buenos Aires ( Argentina) 6 months ago   05:14

keezi walks

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Xii Neném
Esses gringos filhos da puta adoram uma favela kkk
Victor Silva
"Minha mãe sempre disse que pobre é pobre e rico é rico, mas quando eu via ela, eu esquecia disso"
Meu sonho Era domina o morro do camtagalo
Se os moradores tivessem um pouquinho mais de cuidado com o acabamento, o reboco, a pintura, até que seria bonito
Allan L. von Beckedorff
Essas favelas estragam o Rio de Janeiro. O governo deveria começar um plano para remover esse pessoal daí e transferir para outras áreas
Daniel Polo
Are those blue barrels for storing rain water?
Maria Julia
Amo pavão pavaozinho Cantagalo amo vivem ai😍😍😍
Alissa Burge
Go retro with the old school freestyle music of the favelas with a lot of the keyboard synths sounds back in the 1980’s of the Latin capitals of New York City and in Miami, in the United States of The America of the cultures of hip hop music in the past. It goes the way back machine in my childhood years.
Flavio Stankiewicz
Near my house! From the balcony of my apartment i can see this ugly favela everyday 😕....
Rarezas de ayer y hoy.
no recorrió?
Sebastião Cristino
Hahahah u cant walk in there but just fascinating with ?? Hahaha
Arjensimio mesero sin cloacas
y brasilcongo es mejor que mexico? jaja
Renato Sousa
muito bommmmmmmmmmmm
The Crowing Rooster slums
Jonas Marins
Quando estiver em guerra vocês vão ver a pior coisa da vida de vocês.
Lord Bolton
Modern Warfare 2.
Some Favelas are dangerous to walk though but if you know someone who lives there then you’ll be ok.
emil ezra
I guess it must be too dangerous to walk in there, right?
0:53 What is that thing in the top right corner????
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Walking in Buenos Aires ( Argentina) Favela Cantagalo (Rio de Janeiro) 6 months ago   59:52

Buenos Aires is the capital and most populous city of Argentina. The city is located on the western shore of the estuary of the Río de la Plata, on the South American continent's southeastern coast. "Buenos aires" can be translated as "fair winds" or "good airs", but the first one was the meaning intended by the founders in the 16th century, by the use of the original name "Real de Nuestra Señora Santa María del Buen Ayre". The Greater Buenos Aires conurbation, which also includes several Buenos Aires Province districts, constitutes the fourth-most populous metropolitan area in the Americas, with a population of around 17 million.