Steve Bannon on the US-China trade US fails to get international support for Iran 2 days ago   16:56

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Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, joins "Squawk Box" to discuss the status of the China trade talks. Also at the table is guest host Tom Friedman, New York Times foreign affairs columnist.

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Andy M
This is why I dont watch this financial segment. This financial baloney peddler is just a MSN puppet. Steve called your intelligence out. You clearly dont get it.
Min Gao
Industrial freedom = let the CEOs screw the employees
Wayne T
China and US will likely go their own way: 
@ China doesn't have to make a deal.
After 3 or 4 videos about Steve Bannon, I discover a very brilliant man and now I understand why he had such a bad press from msm because he's a good white hat. Nice to meet you sir.
haoru chen
This guy keep on inventing words and concepts. There’s only one race, and only one war. The human race and the last war. Keep your peace, leave your conspiracy.
Michael Corbet
If you ppl can't see through this BULLSHIT... you are just as DUMB as these ppl believe you to be !!
It's only about the DisUnited States trying desperately to hold onto their power base !
Wake Up... we are witnessing the END OF THE $US & THE US !!
It's not far off now & it is irreversible ! The US has been raping the world forever .. you ppl just don't want to see things truthfully .. that will be to your peril !!
Frank Zhu
It's all because of the debt. Rest is all bs cover-up.
Songtao Ye
Bannon 2020!
Songtao Ye
Democracy! Democracy! Democracy!
Phillip Poon
Time to stand up to protect our way of life and our democratic society against Communist China I am with you Mr. Bannon all the way in full speed !
I would never vote for trump, but he and Bannon are spot on with China. They’ve been fucking us for decades
sunny partly
It is funny to see someone who's threatened by the rising power of China on the one hand and seems to believe China don't know what's good for them and he knows how to "help" China. What a lunatic.
Al Mit
You have not understood global expansion, Trump sign up for the ONE ROAD ONE CHINA, not one treaty has been made? When Trump walked over the DMZ, no treaty? Next move is going to be what?
Hervör alvitr Skjálf
President Trump is a master player. One of the greatest presidents in history. America is so fortunate to have him as its leader .
Tb Thomas
This is not about line-items on a trade agreement. This is a head-to-head, battle to the death between totalitarian government, and republican democracy. The US either forces China back within its territorial boundaries, or free-enterprise, and freedom itself goes extinct on a planet for 8-billion human beings.
Same as at your house.
Abraham TorresFarah
Raymond Chow
Come on Bannnon. We are waiting for more China bashing rhetoric now your buddy shook hands with everyone at G20.
Robert Miller
one major flaw China has Hong Kong the banking capital of the world
raymond wong
What a load of rubbish! What govern all the manufacturing going into China? It is because they can make more money there!
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US fails to get international support for Iran Steve Bannon on the US-China trade 2 days ago   06:36

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on a mission to rally support for Washington's Iran policy. So far his mission hasn't gone quite the way he'd like. Though Pompeo has been on the road for the past week, neither the EU nor Russia is backing the US strategy towards Iran.
Meanwhile, Pompeo has been reassuring Russia and the EU that Washington is not heading towards conflict with Iran. Pompeo's comments came during his first official visit to Russia, a key backer of Tehran. Iran has blamed the current crisis in the Gulf region on Washington's decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.

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