Steve Bannon on the US-China trade The mathematician who cracked Wall Street 1 day ago   16:56

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Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, joins "Squawk Box" to discuss the status of the China trade talks. Also at the table is guest host Tom Friedman, New York Times foreign affairs columnist.

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yang yang
ref: "Trump - You stole our 5G technology .

Xi - But you don’t have 5G Trump

Trump- That’s because you stole it ."
Julian Terris
Great interview. Trump is absolutely right the time to get China to play by the commonly accepted rules is now -is now. They have been laughing out of the other side of their fae at the West for too long. The only way to get through to them is through the Renminbi.
middle earth
When China needs to get something from other countries, the Chinese choose to cooperate with them or use money and construction services to change.
But when the United States needs something from other countries, the Americans politicians demonize them, kidnap them or their families, threaten them or end their cooperation with them.If not working,then plunder them with a war.
When the US government calls others thieves, they should first admit that they are mafia or fascists.
top one
This man is a fascist
Fakenewspatrol 007
Steve Bannon needs to be investigated, what he is doing might be related to his firing by Trump, I believe he is trying to hurt Trump by letting Trump get out of control in terms of managing world politics.
Aras B
Manufacturing is about making money, but it's also about national security in the long term in not being dependent on crazy governments. Plus making money is national security as it allows a country to afford good defenses.
kiril K
Oh yea, China run away from a "trade deal" which was full of suggestions how they should run their policy, internal organisation and economy. Because in is not how the US would like them to do.. How dare the Chinese did that?
Charlysteen Stevens
When Trump talks about bringing China into line and imposing tariffs if they remain obstinate I think of the rural area in which I live that need jobs. When Trump talks about making washing machines and dryers and dishwashers in this country again, when he talks about opening factories, I'm all in favor that. At the same time we need to close the borders because those jobs should be filled by American citizens and not migrants from third world countries.
John Keith
Steve Bannon is a polyp on the anus of humanity...
Robert Fulton
If Bannon is correct, that Trumps trade policies are all about dealing with China , why are the same punitive measures adopted against little Canada, and other friends of the US.
benny chu
U r racist n threatened by ur own shadow ....
if this guy is reading the washington post...HE IS MISLEAD.. don't read or believe ANY corporation not even CNBC...TRUMP 2020
The Straight Shooter
That's it, Trump gets my vote!!!!!!
MC Bruin
It is time the US get an little more humble.
They are to arrogant and countries don’t take it anymore.
The US don’t want to help.
They are scared they lose power.
Jerry Samuels
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. But with Trump there are no good intentions.
Calvin Liang
The U.S needs to help free the slave labors and have American people work on factory again.
Devtar Singh
I agree with Bannon on this but how about cooperatists and John Bolton drumming up war machine in current administration contrary to election promise of getting out of costly wars
Ren Johnny
Bannon learned about China through Wengui Guo who was a peasant and became a billionaire in China after bribing the officials to gain economic benefits. When Xi started the Anti-corruption campaign, Guo fled to the states using political asylum. Now Guo can never return to China because he doesn’t want to be in jail for his misconduct. He now fabricated a lot of stories about Chinese politicians and traded with Bannon. So sorry to know that Bannon was fooled.
Yue Ren
Bannon has a misconcept of the trade war.
Daniel hu
Good man, I love honest americans like Banon.
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The mathematician who cracked Wall Street Steve Bannon on the US-China trade 1 day ago   23:08

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