MPs vote on bill on whether to prevent BREXIT 29th March: Theresa 2 days ago   1:29:48

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Ian Betts
Have a second vote in September the old MP's will have died and the rest didn't know what they were voting for.
Interdimentional Wizard Wiz
when you can't say 'No Deal' they you have LOST at any negotiation.... this is obvious to anyone with a brain cell.
I offer you 20p for your house....Deal ?
and I move in at the weekend.
This Parliament are either Venomous Vipers or utter Morons, I think the latter.
from themailonline: 3 april 2019
Former appeal judge says legality of Brexit extension SHOULD be tested in court after English Democrats leader launches battle to prove UK has already left the EU on March 29
Legal case is being brought which claims decision to delay Brexit was illegal
Appeal judge says the case should be heard to determine the legal position
If the case is successful, judges could find that Britain has already left the EU
James Ross
"This is your decision. The government will implement what you decide." 

Unless you vote the wrong way of course, in which case we'll happily destroy democracy to stop you.
incorrigible delinquent
Fucking traitors.
incorrigible delinquent
We the people are sovereign, dissolve parliament.
Alex McCabe
Our only barganing chip lost, legally.
Repulse theMonkey
Cooper must be close to the top of those we need to vote out. What a traitor.
The Big Fight For The Freedom Of The World
It's after lunch so most intoxicated. Need another vote
The Short Session Angler
Well that has really screwed things up, there were only two realistic options : No deal brexit or No Brexit. All of the other options such as Customs union or common market 2.0 would be economic suicide as being in the customs union but not the eu would give us no say over anything and we would be giving free access to everyone the Eu decides to deal with. Assuming that the EU grant a long extension this will mean no deal is no longer an option, the only likelyhood is no brexit. This is a guaranteef to split the country. If the EU doesnt grant a long extension we may get no deal but the eu have basically got us by the testicles and can do what they like now.
Merk Waliams
They don't know what they voted for we want another vote it's only fair it's ok for them to take what they want by one vote
anthony 1965
They !!!!! Thee elite ,
Do not want us to leave Eu , der ,
Please get it
Time for a Peoples vote on this bill! 51% is just too close, perhaps MP's did not understand what they were voting for!
Ron Webb
Looks like a Kangaroo court here complete and utter stitch up! democracy has died tonight.
Anthony Foster
Utter disgrace, to take out a no deal is to ignore 17.4 million people and its being treated like a vote in a parish church meeting.
jays retro
Still need all 27 eu countries to agree
milan kozak
Democracy is slipping from UK. They will keep voting until they get result they want, even invent new is this UK or Turkey?
But the results were so close, 51%! Maybe we should have another vote just to be sure. Perhaps a people's vote? Or does that logic not apply here?
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BREXIT 29th March: Theresa MPs vote on bill on whether to prevent 2 days ago   14:45

Few minutes ago UK Prime Minister Theresa May has told MPs this is their last opportunity to guarantee Brexit, as they vote on her Brexit deal with the European Union.

The Prime Minister said it would allow the UK to leave the EU bloc on 22nd May, avoiding (the cost of) European elections or a no-deal crash.

Mrs May adds: "As willing as I am to make a compromise to move the country forward at this historic moment in our country, it is right to put aside self or party.

"That is what I have done. I have said I am prepared to leave this job earlier than intended tos secure the right outcome for our country.

"And when the division bell rings in a few moments, every one of us will have to look into our hearts and decide what is best for our constituents and our country."