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U.S. President Donald Trump spoke with energy workers in Louisiana on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 and slammed Democrats' support of the Green New Deal, which he claimed would put most employees of the profession out of work.

He also took the time to criticize prominent Democratic presidential hopefuls, including Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden, before he brought back his nickname for Elizabeth Warren, calling her "Pocahontas" once more.

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Ginny Oliver
stupid, stupid narcissistic con artist and as a man ....he is disgusting!
crash groovy
The one thing I like about this dude is that he's strict/straight foward. He's not passive which is a good leadership characteristic. Still my number one choice was sanders. Trump is still coo-coo.
Trump's campaign rhetoric is absolute GENIUS.  He's going to steamroll these democrat clowns straight into his 2020 victory! And I'm going to enjoy every single minute of it!
leos rule
the Green New Deal ... nothing more than a political campaign football. Not only is it stupid and impractable BUT every single one of those politicians 'endorsing it' is plain out lying to you about something they know will never happen BECAUSE the government (from local to Feds) collect huge tax $$ off gasoline, and cars, and driver licenses, and utilities. Anyone who believes the States & Feds are going to give up that tax revenue is a total idiot. In the meantime, Trump gets to campaign off the other sides idiocy by pointing out just how stupid it is. They made it so easy for him, It's like they want him to win.!
Kali Koka
Fake climate wealth transfer scam.
Fake fake fake. Qanon.
Deep Recce
This man has a real inferiority complex..what talent show is this again, i don see no judges???
Allan D
Best President ever
❤️ you Trump !!
Trình Nguyễn Đình
Yawn. Dotard Trump keeps on making me yawn with his stupidity.
TRUMP 2020!!!! get readdy to LOSE democrats.. ur going down and falling hard
Looking at these comments I see a lot of brainwashed indoctrinated liberals
1. America is the cleanest in the world
2. Solar Wind and “renewable energy “ u keep hearin isn’t string enough to power a single household or car fully let alone an entire city
I wanna go back to the 600s move to Africa or the Middle East
Plenty of hell holes there to pick from
Rafal Wysocki
This guy is MAD
Dirty Burger
Hahaha! Is this a prez or stand up comedian? Hey trump drop the tarriffs on Canada already.
Miles K
I don't want humans working and dying prematurely due to coal mining for instance neither.
Miles K
Dude most of our 'energy' is gross. Try breathing in let's say even car exhaust. It's gross. I'd rather run around a wildfire.
Trump's human props behind him.
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