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Placing more extra long exposure pin hole cameras

Justin Quinnell How To Make a 6-month duration Pinhole Camera
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Soon as saw this post I remembered one these gizmos be mistaken bomb .  Guess you have to let the local cops know what you up too. My brother in the 1970's tried to get a long term shot of a decaying chipmunk with a pin hole camera for his art class . Both the camera and the chipmunk disappeared after a week .  His shot of the school did turn out however .
Doc Ink
it will be fun to see if you can locate them or did you gps/ pin them?
Never fails. You try to do something in a place you almost never see anybody and they suddenly they want to do that. Well, it may not be bothered. I looked up a few videos about this type of photography. Interesting although a awful slow way to get images.
Maysam Sharifi
Hello nice video 😊
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