Climate Change: River (fluvial) River Landforms of Erosion and Deposition 5 months ago   08:15

In the field with Simon Haslett, Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Wales, Newport, and author of Coastal Systems (2009, Routledge). Please leave a comment if you found this video of use in your studies. New videos will be added from time to time, so you may wish to subscribe to this channel. Topics: rivers fluvial landforms geomorphology geography levees floodplain channels deposition alluviation. Location: Olway Valley (Monmouthshire, UK). Latitude/longitude (for Google Earth): 51°41'44.87"N, 2°53'24.35"W. Links:

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been studying about rivers and coastal management for my exam tomorrow, this helped a lot thanks!!
Thanks for the question. I don't think there were no floodplains pre-Holocene, but in this area of South Wales I suggest, partly because of the gradient, there were either incised rock valleys, or braid-plains, and even ice-dammed lakes in places. It's quite a complex picture, but the typical Holocene floodplain facies seems to be lacking in older sequences.
So are you saying that there really were no floodplains before the ice age?
Hello Prof Haslett. Excellent discussion of floodplain sedimentary processes.

The standing water is a backswamp, is it not? Backswamp is the term used in the States denoting a wetland located between a natural levee and the valley wall or bluff.
Good video for some quick easy revision. Thanks
Mirka Schärfnerová
Very useful video. Perfect!
Great video!
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River Landforms of Erosion and Deposition Climate Change: River (fluvial) 5 months ago   06:36

AS level Geography Revision on the River Landforms of Fluvial Erosion and Deposition
Waterfalls / Gorges - 0:08
Rapids - 0:52
Potholes - 1:12
Meanders - 1:43
Oxbow Lakes - 2:45
Braiding - 3:43
Flood Plains - 4:08
Levees - 2:24
Deltas - 4:48

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Thanks to Mich for narrating this video!