When Emily Maitlis Spent Brexit: MPs challenged over vote 1 day ago   04:32

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Is she to blame for the US's worst ever president?

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Philip Smith
Kiefer Sutherland is entitled to his opinion but it is a bit silly to compare Brexit with Trump. They are different really. Brexit is about leaving an organisation which is political-economic union and Trump is a 'unique' candidate who leads an established party. It's understandable why he said that tears countries apart as politics does that but it is biased left-wing attack.
"US's worst ever president" fuck you Britain. Trump is doing a pretty good job for the US. Way better than Hussein O. Just because he's not a fucking far left loon doesn't make him a bad President.
daniel clarke
Kiefer Sutherland slipped in another cheap lefty attack on Brexit and Trump. People like this say they want love, peace and harmony but in the next sentence attack the millions of people who voted for Brexit and Trump.
robert watson
I’ve always fancied her myself
Ryan Almond
4 millionaire celebrities publicly stating and agreeing with each other that Brexit and Trump are making countries 'isolationist'. No acknowledgment whatsoever about what might have led disenchanted voters to turn to alternative options. Because of course everything was perfect under the likes of Bush, Obama, Blair and Cameron....of course. Their (celebrities) world wouldn't have changed one iota....so out of touch they have no fucking clue WHY brexit and Trump happened
Josh ua
I remember watching her go over there and look like a complete and utter slapper
Strange Reviews
“Isolationism” OR maybe it’s just putting your country FIRST? Instead of last? Maybe it’s just securing your boarders and protecting your culture? Silly cunt in his gay green jacket. And little Olly Murs clapping along - he doesn’t agree. He fucking loves Trump. When will these out of touch people like Mattlis and the spastic in the green jacket get that people don’t care about their politics of internationalism....... It may be fashionable in their shallow circle of people, but out there in the real world people care about their NATIONS.... Nationalism. Love of NATION. Our grandfathers fough for BRITAIN. They just don’t like their horrid world view being blocked by reality. After Trump and Brexit, they still don’t get it or are still in denial about the problems. Nobody wants multiculturalism. It’s poisonous. And by carrying on down their path of dismissal, resentment and entitlement, more and more people are going to vote in the opposite direction because people can see straight through it. And on a separate subject, Does everyone remember Friday Night with Jonathan Ross when he actually FUNNY??????? It’s easier to find more humour in a grave yard than it is on his newer ‘politically correct’ platform. He doesn’t crack actual jokes - he just says mildly cheesy things and tries to pass them off as jokes. It’s painful to watch.
G White
Why does Ross persist with the fiction his hair is not dyed ?
Miss Piggy
Trump could of been joking about shaking hands with "them".
Sean Domhnall O Sullivan
sadly caught a bit of this, ignorant pretentious woman. shes made for the bbc
Long Nguyen
. "Life is not for fear, but for understanding. This is when we need to learn more about life to ease all fears. ”-. Marie Curie
Peter Harris
that interview for brexit on the lawn was *ace* but what did she scribble on the paper
Nbg Nb
I got depression watching this woman talk
I'm sure he's appreciated but Jonathan Ross is in the same bucket as James Corden for me.
First time I've felt sorry for Trump, being stuck in a room with that hag.
z 8xBrandonx8 z
Washed up wanna be entertainers not to mention poor actors
Sophie Peraaud
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Brexit: MPs challenged over vote When Emily Maitlis Spent 1 day ago   17:07

Emily Maitlis grills Jacob Rees-Mogg over the language he has used over Theresa May's Brexit deal.
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Newsnight is joined by Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood, Chair of the European Research Group Jacob Rees-Mogg, Labour MP Stephen Kinnock and Sarah Wollaston from The Independent Group.

The Labour frontbench were invited to participate in the discussion, but declined.

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