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Elena Konstantinou
"My Abyss" documentary 2004, RTVI

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Rich Berry
currently is there anywhere to find taht vid in the US?
Great work ! Thank You,Elena.
Elena Konstantinou
@soydiablo It is actually available in USA ,both in English and Russian
Magnus Aanstad
is the sacred Truth only Available in the US?
MC Hardware
This is fantastic, Great work!
as an aside William trubridge has great footage on youtube from an unassisted freedive through the arch.
Anton B
maybe bad visibility (it's not as great as in the open sea), nitrogen narcosis, panic, but most of all lack of enough training/experience (!)
Anton B
@meYry12thofMay87 maybe bad visibility (in the BH is not as gret as in the open sea), nitrogen narcosis, panic, ...
I've heard of people missing the Arch, and diving deeper and deeper in hope of finding it (and that's presumably because there is no bottom as a reference). I watched the computer graphics 20 times and i still don't understand how they can miss it.. Isn't the bottom of the hole itself the reference? And if they continue descending doesn't it mean they have already passed through the Arch and entered open sea? Can someone explain? Please!!
Elena Konstantinou
@marsiozo Please email me your postal address and contact phone number and I will send you the DVD, best regards Elena
Marcel T
@overseasmedia dear sir, could you please provide me with the link to that video 'the sacred truth' or upload it? since i cannot find it in your videos....

thanks for the answer, strangely enough i was able find MANY info on the red sea blue hole, but could not find ANY info on it's history of discovery....
Elena Konstantinou
@marsiozo I do, and I talk about it in my film "the Sacred Truth" It was discovered in 1967 by Alex Shell (Israeli)
Marcel T
onyone knows when ( in what year) people discovered the arch and completely swam through it??
Hi Pilman, That's right. Nearby was a moshav that became the centre of the town, near the bus station. As you know, Dahab refers to the golden beach there...when there was a beach. Things changed in 1979 when electricity arrived. Before that, there were only camps to the landward side of the road; no cafes by the beach. I still have "the red sea diver's guide" by Shlomo Cohen from 1975. Aerial photos show Dahab...nothing there, just a few palm trees. Can you imagine Dahab pristine and silent?
Elena Konstantinou
d5kenn: Actully the top is about 55 m deep, that was a very popular "single tank" dive site, but since many died in the Blue Hole, fotunately there is less single tank divers. BH is a dive site for tech diving.
Very nice video! The top of the arch is 60m right? Is it typical for people to dive it in singles or on air?
Elena Konstantinou
PILMAN: No,no, that was filmed in 2003
Was that when Israel controlled Sinai? That sounds like it was a pretty long time ago.
Elena Konstantinou
vidmaster75: I can get you the DVD, it' in Rssian though
Elena Konstantinou
funkyalfonso: That's very true. The place as not the same as it used to be 14 years ago, unfortunately you can easily spot the signs of "decay" (environmental destruction)very sad.
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Diving the Tunnel of the Blue Hole in Dahab