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Alliance of American Football: What to Know, Who to Root For. The Alliance of American Football league also known as the AAF is kicking off this weekend. Here's everything you need to know about the league, and how you can pick a team to root for or against. Are there any teams close to the New England Patriots in terms of dislike ability. Are the Salt Lake Stallions the closes team to the Denver Broncos?


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The AAF vs the NFL. Will it be able to compete? Can notable head coaches like Mike Martz, Mike Riley, Steve Spurrier & Mike Singletary make these new teams competitive? This new football league debuts one week after the NFL Super Bowl.
San Diego Fleet vs San Antonio Commanders
Atlanta Legends vs. Orlando Apollos
Memphis Express at Birmingham Iron
Salt Lake Stallions vs Arizona Hotshots

Notable players include some of your favorite ex college football/nfl players such as Trent richardson and Denard Robinson, Gavin Escobar, Matt Simms, Dustin Vaughan, Christian Hackenberg, Zach Mettenberger, Trevor Knight, Nick Novak, Zac Stacy, Garrett Gilbert, Matt Asiata, and probably more like Rahim Moore.

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Michael Brown
Well this isn’t really needed anymore
OG Chuckster
this didn't age well lmaooo
Kevin Sethre
Watching this again after the league folded today
GHOST intheshell
8 teams???? Wtf is that point of that??
Team 5
Go fleet I live in rancho mission vieho
Luis Gonzales
This league sucks! Don't try to fool the people that ratings are good. It would be a good league if scoring increased. #dontfeedmebull!
Orlando Apollos all the way!
Bbtheboss 13
supreme Squad
Go nfl
I'm going for San Diego cause FUCK YOU SPANOS!
Jathon Marquez
San Antonio should change “Commanders”in my opinion
Ha ha. How bout the Birmingham Iron now you Bronco fan girl.
Nate Kyng
lol Oh man, you always crack me the fuck up, man. #GOPATS!
Kyler Wilhelm
Going for Arizona Hotshots and San Antonio Commanders. Goin pretty well so far
They call themselves Birmingham IRON because at one point they were considered the IRON CITY because the considerable amount of iron they produced from the 40s and 50s. Also this is where we get the name for the IRON BOWL. So the name is apropos.
king2 gio
Going for Birmingham
You look like a mixture of Kyle Shanahan and Baker Mayfield. Also, nobody picked up Kaepernick, so I’m sad.
Iceberg Slim
😂 😂 😂
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