Inside Brexit: How Britain lost What happens if the UK doesn’t get a deal 2 months ago   16:49

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Inside Brexit: How Britain lost the European plot. The FT talks to politicians and strategists to find the real story behind the EU referendum.

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St David Prince of wales Morgan
If brexit happens UK is finished...Cameron is a complete twat.
Paul Tudor
Title should be how the EU lost the UK. Through the undemocratic actions of the EU. Where apparently the German Chancellor dictates and runs the policy of the entire EU where the German chancellor has never been elected into any position in the EU by the people of Europe not just the UK.
Susette Santiago
What a crock...start an agricultural farming system amongst yourselves and let them argue amongst themselves...they will get tired
Sean O'Connor
Brexit is a fantastic opportunity for us.
But then, I'm Irish and its well known that Britain's difficulty is our opportunity...
Man Friede
Me, a German, was against BREXIT all the time. I still feel that Britain should be allied with her neighbours. But I also realize that Germany tries very hard to push various laws and regulations through the EU, to make them applicable everywhere, without even asking others first. Now the German govt. wants to ban free uploading of pictures and videos on the internet without filter. And this should become an EU standard, they say. Merkel has become a dictator, manipulating the media in Germany like nobody else did ever before (except Hitler). So if Britain wants to be independent and free from all those stipulations, you must get out of it.
Movie News
Let the white journalism show it!
Mazhar Sardar
They all bastards
in or out britain would neva be satisfied unless its on the driving seat all by itself. better they leave to the relief of the rest.
Why the hell didnt we side with Hungary and Poland and just refuse immigration?

Anyway, again we see evidence here that the political elite think they influenced the way people think. They didnt. Brexiters made their minds up years ago.

And Brexiters voted for Farage. Not Boris, and not Gove. Again, the political elite are out of touch, they could not have destroyed Gove and Boris by likening him to Farage. Farage is admired by Brexiters!
Ryan The Apostate
Load of bull
Irene lawson Lawson
Kids that never lived outside the EU, they haven't a clue how great Britain was. I realise we had strikes by the miners etc but before that we were a good country, and will be again.
Keith TPC
If the UK weren't already in the EU would you vote to join it now, not bloody likely, now that would make a good question in a second referendum, the EU is a sinking ship guys.
Eddie 666
Cowardice UK.
REVOKE ARTICLE 50 before leave day.
The Head of the EU, Teresa May, The EU court all say we can REVOKE ARTICLE 50
They say things will return to before before Brexit was first spoken of
They say we can try again when and if we want REVOKE ARTICLE 50 NOW !!
Kobi Kane
When will Brexit supporters get it? Yes you have won the democratic referendum to leave the European Union. Yes you have the right to chose and you have chosen, and yes your decision is final. Now it is time to grow up and face some unavoidable sad reality.. What mum and dad did not tell you is that because of the United Kingdom's commitment to the Good Friday Agreement, of the 28 current member states of the EU, the UK is the only member who cannot leave, not because of any other reason other than that commitment. The referendum should have taken this into account and offered the option of leaving the EU + abandoning the GFA or remaining with the status quo. So you see, it would not matter if Brexit got 100% of the cast vote, UK cannot, and therefore will not leave the EU. We cannot be in and out simultaneously, that is unarguable! It is exactly akin to holding a referendum asking the voters if they all wish to be turned into billionaires, the chances are very good that the 'Yes' camp will hands down win such a referendum, but making the voters billionaires cannot and will not be enacted, because of obvious reasons.
Now unless Mr Farage would like to take his chances of opening his trap and negotiating with the IRA all alone in the middle of some foggy Irish country green in the middle of the night, or the Emerald Isle either unilaterally decides to amalgamate itself into the United Kingdom - OR - Ireland also leaves the EU- OR- the United Kingdom abandons Northern Ireland, THE UK WILL GO ON STAYING IN THE EU and THIS REFERENDUM IS AND HAS BEEN SINCE INCEPTION COMPLETELY INCONSEQUENTIAL. That is the hard reality, one which we must all face. This explains the last nearly 3 years of failed negotiation, because a circle cannot because of a referendum be squared. It is time for the public at large to grow up and stop acting like a child who cries because mum and dad cannot buy the toy in the window even though they promised. If you wish to vent, then take it out of every single MP instrumental in this debacle let by a tenacious but spineless PM and a weasel leader of the opposition. But remember to hang draw and quarter [Metaphoric] the likes of Farage and Bojo for courting personal ambition at our expense. When the dust settles demand true democracy, one which demands your reps to tell the truth, answer straight questions and one which ensures harsh accountability managed and dispensed through regular oversight. Britain has not lost Europe and Europe has not lost Britain.
John McCord
Europe lost the U K......
Kathy Rutherford
UK always had independent streak.
British people are by far the best of the bunch.
The British character is the greatest in thd World.
They must break free, and fight
for their right to self determination.
UK can no longer be shackled to arrogant froggy, Gerry
EU foreigners.
The world needs at least one country as a rold model for freedom and true democracy.
Of course the UK will be completely controlled by zionism
Should they leave the EU,
and that is very dangerous.
Willy Wonky
Kenneth Clark is recorded on video tape abusing a minor, David Cameron secures tapes by purchasing an entire television company. Then he becomes PM...... I wonder what could go wrong?
The title should have been “How Europe Lost Britain” through political skulduggery
Europe's nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually & irreversibly lead to federation.
Jean Monnet, Founding Father of the EU 30 April 1952
t peg
Cameron will go down in history as the man that ruined the uk….
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What happens if the UK doesn’t get a deal Inside Brexit: How Britain lost 2 months ago   12:16

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