Inside Brexit: How Britain lost What happens if the UK doesn’t get a deal 2 days ago   16:49

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Inside Brexit: How Britain lost the European plot. The FT talks to politicians and strategists to find the real story behind the EU referendum.

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The Mysterysuk
"The King is dead, long live Parliment."
Cameron needs to apologize to the nation. He did this to shut up the minority in his party that called for this. His mistake was to make it sound plausible for the UK to quit by making it a simple choice for the voters. But it is anything BUT simple!! And all this has done is to break our politics and even split families up and down the length of Britain. It has especially harmed Brits like me who live inside the other 27 EU nations. Some of us were even denied the right to vote. How democratic is that???
Nobody Nonperson
How the EU lost Britain. We will have our cake and eat theirs.
Maks Don
EU does not respect British people's vote at all! Why people think EU will respect any vote? Leave on 29th and inmidiatly put in Prison Teresa May cos she is traitor, bann BBC, SKYNEWS, CHANNEL 4 etc! Kick out all Muslims to France, Germany. Everything after that will be more than great!
Maks Don
The French lady lied about Cameron that he told her you Europe gave everything to British people! We all know EU took everything from UK. EVERITHING!
fidel duarte
God bless
Gavin FreedomLover
12:35 on the night I had a dinner for DONORS!!
Gavin FreedomLover
The CBI is paid for by the EU they are 100% compromised and not impartial in any way !!
Gavin FreedomLover
No deal Brexit is coming :)
Atomik Laser
Maybe, now hopefully UK can become the powerful nation it was before the EU stripped it for all its worth over the last few decades.
Entrenched Mgtow
Britain made the right choice. They'll be fine. People forget Britain was a prospering nation before the EU, before the EEC.
Josef Mengele
This is fake news clowns.
Lavana La Brey
You made the right choice Britain. Time has proved it.
DEE Kurtains
How the EU lost Britain*
Cymoon RBACpro
These Politicians , lack of integrity, and Their hunger for power have sold out a great nation, The very definition of an oligarchy!
shouldn't this be called "how the eu lost britain" yasss no deal
mark kendrick
The course of British history has changed, time will tell us if we have made the right decision, I think we have. As I read somewhere, if our forefathers who landed on the Normandy beaches could see what would have become of the UK two generations later, they would not have taken 5 steps up that beach. Thank God we have taken back control of our own destination.
Marisa Stefani
That's true lady they want the rights but they don't want the obligations
The Realist
How about some info on who holds shares in the Federal Reserve FT, who gets 6% divi on the greatest DEBT MACHINE IN HISTORY
...things to know why: ...the United Kingdom does not want Africanus to live in their lands, so it prefers breaking off the European Union. This simple sentence carries deep message. Just a tip of it: the European Union is working toward a perfect state of been; it is first, correcting its philosophy and correcting its economy to turn into a super power before China does, USA is losing its position in the world and China is working hard to get that position even if war is needed. So, England is not going to let the world be control by a dictatorship of a Communist Capitalist nation and the first thing they have to do is organize its folio. EU already has all the machinery to work as a Super strong region but some European Union countries are undecided whether to be or not to be. England is the one on the reason of prejudice and racism. They, UK, some of them, mostly the elders, don't accept their new role: a union in which all are the same: one for all, all for one. UK prefer their role to be commanded by an abstract government call the King and Queen of all of them disregarding that they don't command even a grain of salt of the UK. They are figurine, the elders don't want to lose their past. Time is dissolving any type, kind and vestige of any monarchy ...and that's why it is of convenience to those actual Kings and Queens of UK to be the three monkeys: don't see, don't talk and don't hear.
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What happens if the UK doesn’t get a deal Inside Brexit: How Britain lost 2 days ago   12:16

What happens if the UK doesn’t get a deal on Brexit? Evan Davis is joined by Simon Fraser, Jill Rutter, Dia Chakravarty as well as by Newsnight’s Nick Watt and Chris Cook.

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