Black Driver Confronts Ferguson Highway Patrol explain why no arrests 2 days ago   01:32

Air Date: November 26th, 2014

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Steve Will I Am
I would ran those assclowns over in my semi blocking the highway like that.. they put antifa an ppl like that on a island an blew the fucker up
Gage Right
Q: How many points do you get for running these dumbass protesters over?
A: 10 points per. 30 if they have a job.
Abraham Ali
That was one brave driver. Good for him.
Herbin' Avenger
While I support their cause, protestors need to understand that their right to protest does not supersede other citizen's right of travel. They make more enemies than allies which is counter productive to their cause. This kind of protest could not only cost people their jobs and thus maybe their homes, it could cost lives by delaying emergency vehicles. To those of you who believe it is acceptable to hit or run over protestors with your vehicle, you are not just wrong, you are a sociopathic moron. Obstructing traffic is a minor offense... Intentionally striking people with your vehicle is assault with a deadly weapon and possible murder charges... Both very serious felonies.
C.C. Rider
it's the one on the far right side, it's called the accelerator pedal. aka, gas pedal. push it down forcefully and go on about your day.
Daniel Ruiz
Run them over , why did u stop people running on freeway are suicidal, they need reality to hit them then George Soros can help with medical bills. Paid adjitators.
Potent Potables
I really wanted to slap the fuck out of the guy that said they don't have to go to work and they don't really understand the issue.
The Filipino woman....hahha
Phillies Bob
My man
This should tell everyone that these people have no jobs, they're just whiny fucks.
That guy is DMX's cousin lol pure awesome
Two Scoops
On god they would have caught these hands and my front bumper. I’ll be damned if some bullshit interferes with my bread and duties.
Doi Doi
Isn't it legal to hit these people? I know in North Carolina you can.
Lil Bleach
People want to make money and keep their jobs if you're purposely ruining people's lives by holding up traffic ! You can protest at the court house
Run them over, they are worth nothing in the world and won't achieve nothing..they mean nothing..end them
Mak Attack
Should've ran em over they just wanted some attention and they would get a lot of attention then lol
Full speed ahead!
Herr Denker
It should be legal to run these fucktards over.
Sharron sprock
get out of the street stupid idiots
Amazing how many entitled drivers think they own the road. One protest,
one day out of the year these drivers have to wait, or find another
route. The Constitution gives us the right to ASSEMBLE! But I guess
all Donnie supporters care about is "dun't tick urway muh guns!"
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Highway Patrol explain why no arrests Black Driver Confronts Ferguson 2 days ago   02:29

SAN DIEGO - A group of protesters who stopped traffic on northbound Interstate 5 in La Jolla Wednesday morning were not arrested for their actions, and that prompted Team 10 to find out why.

One frustrated commuter shouted at the protesters: "Spend the night in jail! That's where you guys are going!"

He and hundreds of others were angry that their morning commute was blocked by the group of students who were demonstrating over the Ferguson decision.

While the protest on I-5 near Nobel Drive did not last long, the situation backed up freeway traffic for hours.

"It was pretty swift. We got there fast and we got them out of the way, and we got people back going on the road again," said California Highway Patrol Officer Jake Sanchez.

California law states it is illegal for any person to be on " … any street … when stopping, standing or parking would obstruct traffic …"

The protesters were clearly in the wrong, so why didn't law enforcement arrest them?

Full story at ABC10: