Shocking Things With 300 9 Volt Does the Bavarian edge really 2 days ago   18:31

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Dello Morgan
add this to a prius and see if it could fly.Make sure they not rechargeable lol
Caribbean Gamer
there is also acids in grapes
edit: i think you can light a bulb with grapes also lemons
my life
Shane Lynn
Arc flashes are scary up close. Especially at 10kv
my life
1 like 1 R.I.P. GRAPE and saved grape
Yng Stunaz7
No no no no no I will try this when I have enough money to waste to buy 300 9V batteries
Donta's Reactions
Shouldn't of use meat
Jim G
So stupid I've actually subscribed to see what you do next.
#Noname vids
Make super battery powered power wheel 😆😂
SEO Social Media Services
Water and baking soda
Royle Cheel
Safety is for the cautious! Everyone should be more like Tyler and live a little! Let the safety lovers hate Tyler! Im glad to see your beard made it thru the video!
Brian Kiehnau
You are so lucky, 2700 volts should have punched through those gloves. You dont' know how close you were to being electrocuted. I have to link this to Electroboom so he can explain how close you were to death.
D. Cantrell
I enjoyed your experiments. I would have liked to see some eye and hand/body protection. Usually there is an adult around to supervise with basic knowledge who will save your life. You may run out of luck next time.
William Davis
You should’ve tried it with gasoline, like this comment if you agree
Idiot Society
I love the sad awwwws at the fans that you just destroyed 😂😂😂
Electroboom doesn’t use gloves.
Holy fuck, dude. You've been so lucky. Just one pin prick hole on those alligator clips and you'd get fried. Those gloves are NOT safe for anything else than welding. You may as well just handle the clips with your bare hands.
Space face22
*Do not try this at home.* Do we all have 300 9 volt batteries lying around?
incredibly retarded and dumb .... dude ... what the fuck are you doing? no safety talk when you could possibly inspire shitloads of kids and retards thinking high voltage is suddenly safe just because its from batteries?
Jeff Fabian
What would happen to a cat's butt
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Does the Bavarian edge really Shocking Things With 300 9 Volt 2 days ago   17:54

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My equipment
Main camera :
Second camera :
The mic i use :
The tripod i use :