Trump Returns From Foreign President Donald Trump's Loose-Lipped 2 days ago   10:24

From his fight with Pelosi, the growing calls for an impeachment inquiry, and more, Trump returns from his norm-shattering foreign trip. Jill Colvin, Nancy Cook, and Elliot Williams discuss.
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Trump Returns From Foreign Trip To A Long List Of Political Fights Back Home | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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'distract the man-child so he stops putting kids in cages'...that is the focus of our government now. Are you PROUD Republicans? You ruined America...again.
Meanwhile, the Dems continue to embarrass themselves, in desperation get him impeached, before Ginsburg retires or dies.
Girish Kulkarni
Chuck Cox
It's amazing what people will say because of their hate Trump bias.  Yea... he's busy planning how to lock up illegal immigrants.  Ridiculous!
Margo Romero
I find it incredibly IRONIC that trump keeps saying the DEMS are "getting nothing done". The Democratic Congress has PASSED Over 200 pieces of Legislation that the GOP Senate leader, Mitch McConnell REFUSES to bring to the Senate for a VOTE. #TrumpLies #TruthMatters
Marius M
Trump looked ridiculously stupid in that uncouth ill-fitted formal attire: He is obviously an elderly enfeebled old man struggling with age related disabilities. a frightening vulgarian, with clearly semi literacy issues . My God. history will not be kind.
Tattletale RED
Why aren’t they bringing Michael Flynn to be question before he gets sentenced.
Kinda weird that he is being overlooked as the judge seems to be waiting on Congress to do its job, before he puts Flynn away...
marte thompson
good thing we are all becoming immune to his infantile attacks.
Keith Carey
Trump protecting again
Keith Carey
Trumps a huge liar
Benjamin Pruett
Mueller report cost some odd 35 million but with money they gained from tax evasion and money laundering fines etc. basically covered the cost of the investigation.  You hear all the time about the massive cost to us poor tax payers. However trumps golf trips alone are somewhere around 100 million and they are at this owned resorts so that money goes directly to himself.  Just think about that alone. What world is that not a massive issue that we have a president who has taken massive vacation trips and then has pocket over a 100 million in tax payer money for taking those trips.
gen mainion
i have to say i'm with polose on not impeaching he should walk out in handcuffs with no chance of pardon. and he slurs on his written speaches i think he takes something so he looks in control
Mark Dolan
Tick tock.
jupiter moongauge
Trump, Pence, McConnell, Graham, all need to face a trial and then put before a firing squad
Brad Gray
You forgot to show the thousands and thousands of Trump supporters on the streets. Dont worry we had alternative media on the ground that did film them.
Brad Gray
Awesome Potus
MAGA 2020

From a proud Trump Troll or Russian bot. What ever filthy names you snowflakes call American Patriots these days.
Crystle Lackey
He reads in such a ......uhm
Marjorie Dickinson
Yeah Trumoz family vacation on the tax payers dollar ...
The military salute at 0:11 is a disgrace. He can't even do that right.
Mexico tariffs are like the walll....mexico is paying for it......NOT
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President Donald Trump's Loose-Lipped Trump Returns From Foreign 2 days ago   19:24

Former chief of staff at the CIA and Department of Defense Jeremy Bash, Fordham University professor Christina Greer, former DOJ spokesman Matt Miller, former George W. Bush aide Elise Jordan, and WaPo’s Ashley Parker on Trump’s wild interview with a British media outlet as he continues on his trip abroad
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President Donald Trump's Loose-Lipped Overseas Interview That Has Heads Spinning | Deadline | MSNBC