Zion Williamson NBA Debut With LeBron James Nearly Witnessed 1 day ago   05:40

Zion Williamson NBA Debut With LeBron James Watching! Pelicans vs Knicks 2019 NBA Summer League | July 5, 2019 NBA Season

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Dude is a hyp beast lol he can only dunk lmao plus he thought he was curry 4:05 xD
William Mullen
Big time racist Lebron James hope you choke and die
Christian Johnson
Prime example of "dont believe the hype"
nikko mirror
zion zion zion. just a typical nba player, nothing special. way far like khlay thompson or kyrie.
John Sablan
Hachimura is much better than this fatso.
Evangelista Mark Radam
I saw shaq in the making
Hes gonna last hes already hurt and the season didn't start yet
Chang Youwei
He just looks not ready to NBA
Mick Cornwall
i loved this, thanks.
He doesn't look that good
Zion look like a piranha
LOL out loud. Zion already hurt.
Good grief, not Dorish.
Retro gaming a
He is faaaat!!
why is lebron and ad talking and covering their mouth? they look like retards.
Justin Chapman
I would have took RJ over Zion
edward Velez
Zion will be a bust. To heavy for a long NBA season. Bad knees and out of shape.
Altin Gjoka
LOL.... all he can do is jump, he can't shoot or ball handle. reminds me of Blake Griffin. just power dunks that's all....
William YC
Such a waste.. Wrong position.. Should stay in nba gym as a workout trainer
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LeBron James Nearly Witnessed Zion Williamson NBA Debut With 1 day ago   13:00

Big Shout out to Real Run Director DeAnthony Langston for another great event (LAClassic) follow him on Twitter @realrun
LeBron James Nearly Witnessed Bronny Jr Almost Dunk on MULTIPLE Defenders!
Bronny James is in Los Angeles and he is trying to add a few Poster dunks to his resume! He has the whole family in to watch him play four back to back games on Memorial Day weekend. #LeBronJames #Bronnyjames #Blue Chips #LAClassic