The MMA Beat: Episode 206 – MMA Fighting Khabib vs McGregor - Post-Fight Analysis 1 day ago   1:32:14

On this week’s episode, The MMA Beat panel discusses the return of Jon Jones at UFC 232, Bellator’s doubleheader, UFC 230 madness, the aftermath of Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor and more.


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Michael Lim
GSP is the only true GOAT, end of story.
Conor said "Fighting business" as opposed to "It's just business" It was analysed in a slowed down video. It had something to do with Conor grabbing Khabib's gloves. It was also overlooked that Khabib also grabbed Conor's gloves, maybe not as long. It's all in a video analysis on youtube.
Thomas Winther
well said of Phoenix regarding Khabib/Connor - one wrong doesn't justify another.
Respectable Gentleman
khabib apologists.
anil ramautar
Jones vs Lewis the winner of that fight wil get DC tha Champ.
This panel thinks khabib is a top 5 draw? That’s hard to believe unless the Russians are buying PPVs
Jorge Aramayo
Either Luke is getting bigger or his jackets are getting smaller...
Any man whos a natural LHW or above with amateur skills would ruin DJ, sorry Luke. Lets not pretend a 5'2 male who cant bench one plate will give big men any problems. Tko via brock smash.
garry Coop york ric.......will be missed
Michael Hill
Lol. This absurd idea that people like Khabib's ground game because the fans are more educated on the ground game now is one of the dumbest things I've heard anyone ever say. They like Khabib's ground game because it is exciting. He smashes people's heads off the canvas. It isn't because he is doing Jiu Jitsu and rolling around with other men in between his legs.
iPhone Guy
Thanks for the show guys and girl.
It’s much better than most and I really enjoy it and look forward to the future shows.
so nice to see a woman on the show! More Phoenix please :)
WRONG.. The best fight left in the world is Tenshin vs. DJ
Phoenix is so great. She definitely goes to more parties than Segura. ;p
Ty Land
Not everybody is into rap.. and I damn sure don't want to hear it as the intro to a UFC ppv, it would turn off more fans than you think. There are lots of fans who aren't into social media/pop/rap culture. Now, if you want to talk about upgrading to a different metal song as the intro, I agree. Time for a change. And metal because it suits the fight business, namely cage fighting.
"You can change opinion every day"...sure, you can but the question is if people will take you seriously.
iEnigmaaa x
prognosticator? wow, really?
Prakul Rathnakar
Phoenix is amazing! Hope she’s on more of the episodes.
Laycan Crow
In my opinion, Lewis is not at the same fighting level as Cormier, I think the match is a mismatch.
Joshua Cortes
Danny got donked lmao
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Khabib vs McGregor - Post-Fight Analysis The MMA Beat: Episode 206 – MMA Fighting 1 day ago   1:46:11

Talking about Khabib vs McGregor post fight.

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