Five questions with a Trump Donald Trump arrives in UK for three-day 1 day ago   02:58

“I think the inflatable Trump baby represents the fact that Trump has an inflated ego”

Here are five questions with one of the Trump blimp babysitters.

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British citizen......hmmmmm
Tanna Young
Great video!! 🙂😀😆😣🥰💙💙
Mary Budesheim aka
If she had brains she might be dangerous. Just another bimbo brainwashed bigotted moron. She doesnt like the way the UK is going, then there is the door, off you go to Europe to join those similarly brainwashed morons that love the EU (although their numbers are depleting as well), dont forget to close the door after you and hand in your British Citizenship!!!.
Keeno Keeno
Fucking leftie pricks!
Mark Taylor
Shut up you stupid woman !
daft wod
The new wave of so balled British citizens hate my country. They hate our allies and they hate our culture.
daft wod
adam derivative
As apposed to making trade agreements with the bastion of freedom. China.
Where was the blimp for Xi
Fills a plastic blimp with greenhouse gases to bring awareness to Trump taking the US of the Paris accord?????

Are THEY aware it’s hard to criticize someone when you’re doing harm to the environment while critiquing Trump for it?
Ashley Rose
When you think you're "Woke," but are in fact the definition of brainwashed.

How many were there? Maybe a whopping 50 people? But we won't focus on statistics. Ever. It's all about the narratives.. And people around the globe are getting tired of it.
M Ch
Britain turned into an obedient bitch of Uncle Sam - now officially.
What about Bush Blair obarma Bush?????no blood on there hands
If this is representative than the UK is gone.
Armored Anvil
These people are uninformed and may need a babysitter for themselves.
Gidget Trevathon
This BITCH needs to have her DUMBASS SMASHED!!!
Saka U72
Oops looks like the orange baboon minions hate the inflated booboo! so many dislikes.
radio tech
Female ape needs to keep its big lips shut it doesn’t even belong in Europe Only native white Europeans should have a say about trump
Jerry Silk
Sadig does not care about the UK and is implementing stealth Islamic theocracy. Sadig is really anti-British.
Jerry Silk
Human violations by Trump? What about the human violations in the UK and the rest of Europe by the Muslims?
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Donald Trump arrives in UK for three-day Five questions with a Trump 1 day ago   02:43

The US president, accompanied by the first lady, Melania Trump, touched down at Stansted airport on Monday morning for a three-day official state visit. He was greeted by Woody Johnson, the US ambassador to the UK, and Jeremy Hunt, the UK foreign secretary. A protest against the visit is planned in central London on Tuesday, with the 'Trump baby' blimp made for his visit last year expected to put in an appearance
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