I Created Popular Songs Using WORLD'S FASTEST EDITOR! - Fortnite 3 months ago   10:38

I Created Popular Songs Using Music Blocks in Fortnite

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*I Created Songs in Fortnite using Music Blocks*
Like and Sub rn for 10yrs good luck x
gio vargas
So I like your videos
Flippercape 393
Jonathan Dyer
Fortnite : Puts Musicblocks in the game

Minecraft : Am I a joke to you?
Maena Hernandez
3:58 Gods Plan
Maena Hernandez
gamer lemon
*Professional musicians leave the chat*
4:00 gods plane?
Saksham Jain
6:21 what is the song ?
Kramdnil The God
Only me that did 👌 when 9:11 came😂😂
Jon Lyle
I did
Jeremy Snell
God's plan
iiS1M03 xX
I don’t have no money can u buy shoes for me try to match on tinder is a struggle try to take a picture like push tro tree my plan
Carlos Cortez
God's plan
Zach Greene
4:03 I’m guessing it’s by drake for sure idk what’s the name of the song tho
Futo Pinkama
Try to make ur outro song 😂
Don't Reply

Has no idea of it's origins
Gabriel Yudken
This video is trash bro. You stole all that content from other people and didn't even label their tags? AND YOU DIDN'T MAKE ONE REAL POPULAR SONG. You should feel bad about the other creators you're leeching off. Reported
Vickie Carmichael
Gods plan
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WORLD'S FASTEST EDITOR! - Fortnite I Created Popular Songs Using 3 months ago   10:11

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