Watch MPs debate the latest round Brexit: What trade could 2 days ago   2:54:29

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Jason Johnson
So basically if it wasn't obvious before it is now, these indicative votes are a competition to come up with the worst idea of remaining in the EU with a bad deal that sells us out.
Why can't they just except the referendum result and manage a No Deal, which to be honest is worded wrong because no deal doesn't stand for not trading, its just a different way of trading with out giving billions to the EU.
Dim Sung
The first time people voted for joining the EU it was to join the common market with no European court and look where that ended.That's what lead to us voting to leave the EU after years being trpped in it.
Now they are offering Common Market 2.0 with a court that our politicians will end up tugging their forlocks too. They are trying their hardest not to leave.
Dim Sung
I do not care what happens to these politicians - fuck politics - they must just deliver Brexit. That's what we chose. We will show them we can deselect them if they don't do as they are told. It's our country and we will have to replace them with real servants, not immature, disobedient egomaniacs.
Dim Sung
The breakaway party was TIG and now it is the Change UK Party - abbreviated to CUK - their own choice. You couldn't make it up could you. Idiots.
Dim Sung
WE voted leave not leave in an orderly manner. If they can't manage that after three years they should move aside because they've had time and they fucked the whole process to avoid leaving. The only thing they have to do is leave. We will sort the rest out after we are free to sack all our crappy banker cock sucking overlords. We are the people who make everything work despite paedo loving, crappy politicians. 
This is not the best UK has to offer and people aren't going to be scared into continuously voting in the two main parties after this obvious demonstration they have forgotten that it isn't all about them and what they want. Time to be held accountable if you are an MP at last. 
If we don't leave the EU now we will decimate both main parties and the EU so three brids and one stone and this could be a blessing in disguise. Polls show that most now want to leave the EU - more than before - and the largest bloke choice is to leave with WTO rules now.
Galloway will be joining Farage as an MEP. Let's see if the EU want the same treatment as the US senate got off him. If they thought Farage was good at stripping them in public that is nothing to what Galloway will do and the two together will destroy their credibilty forever.
The EU are expecting an influx of anti EU politicians in their May elections from all over a very pissed off and ignored European population. They cannot afford to keep us in the EU but they are as stupid and arrogant as the politicians in Westminster it seems.
muncher man
What else did you expect from these parasites, they will not give up the gravy train regardless of what the people want.

If you want real news go to UK column news with Brian gerrish
MSW 2015
Bercow the bully or no neck as he is known as in Westminster is a traitor sitting in the House of Traitors. Sign the UK open petition for a no deal Brexit 601,585 MBGA MAGA
noxxi knox
Can we just shut the fuck up and stop all of this bullshit?
Just LEAVE!!!!
Enough of the stalling, enough of the watering down, just leave without a deal
John Bradley
Ken clarke is a traitor and should be taken no notice of
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Brexit: What trade could Watch MPs debate the latest round 2 days ago   04:51

As the British Parliament continues to try on how the UK will withdraw from the EU, manufacturers and businesses are looking to get an idea of how Brexit will affect trade. Brexit could slow down the import and export of goods, which poses a major business risk for companies that transport fresh produce.
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