Egypt - The Gift of the Nile: Part Ancient Artifacts In Egypt That 5 months ago   15:01

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This topic explains Egypt with regards to its physical features, climate, natural vegetation and wildlife, agriculture, minerals and industries, people, cities, trade and transport.

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the meme potential is huge!
jayashree n
in the text showing box mexus label is there it was disturbing to see.
I'm Egyptian . The Egyptian map is not correct for the southern east part of Egypt . The border line with Sudan is straight till the Red Sea
Thomas Anderson
maybe move your logo way from where you have the subtitles at the top.
Mamata Patnaik
height of mt. Gebel Katherina is 2640 m not 2640 km
Aanya Srivastava
This video is so informative and the perfect explanation for the class 6th ICSE grade . In this video it is very nicely explained about each and every thing, It is an perfect explanation of the EGYPT . Thank you google for sharing such great ideas and informative videos.
Road Wonder
This gave me the information I needed. Thank You
The Ghost
current Egyptians haven't any relationship with ancient Egyptian, mostly they were Nubians
Swapnila shanuprabha
nice video
Pie Family
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Pie Family
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John Rodríguez
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Nusrat Parveen
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Utkarsh Shukla
this vedio is the best I understand it very much thank you so much I liked it I give it 10\10 marks .
Hot Girl 300
this helped me allot with my homework😍
Amun Rench
Egypt is in Africa, please do not try to separate it from the motherland
Amber Cawson
Brilliant video. Does anyone have/remember the Eureka! Ancient Egypt documentaries that was narrated by a talking mummified cat? (yes really.) I watched it in primary school when I was little (I'm now 19) so it's probably quite old now. I think it was aired on Channel 4. I can't find it anywhere and I'd love to watch it again... it's driving me mad!
This is a good video, thanks for uploading
Dominic Mahon
i know i cant see what he is saying
Gaming Failure
Nice vids but please remove the mexus logo from the text
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Ancient Artifacts In Egypt That Egypt - The Gift of the Nile: Part 5 months ago   14:51

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