Which Gift Is More Ridiculously 1 Star vs. 5 Star Tech Products 2 days ago   14:25

Good Mythical Morning
Can you guess which of these ridiculous expensive gifts is the more ridiculously expensive gift? GMM #1207
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Comments 2261 Comments

Chinaglian 2016
How is link so bad at these games
Travis Bickle
should have been gaytor for chase.
Tree ssay oof
Careful Theres skeeters
Sonja Persch
you can rent this tricycle thing in Berlin and ride it around the city
Be Humble
the robot was in rocky 4...... i think...... it was in some rocky movie
Nick G.
i think the celebrity robot was in rocky 4
Nicole Zlotnicki
What is a hootenanny?
Bacun Puncayks
Pretty sure rocket raccoon would like the robot.
Taren-Layne Warfield
that grill house isn’t real bc finland isn’t real
Steve Buscemi
The robot was in one of the rocky movies
Why was the Finnish Grill House spelled with three “L ’s?”
Cassia McCarthy
Ummmm when I was younger I had one of those ATM Machines!! 🤣
Kyle Hickey
The robot was in Rocky. It was the part where he said he wanted a sports car not a talking trash can
Bella Marie Walker
I had an atm like that one!
Josh Cheesbrough
I live near and used to work at that wild west town!!
I loved my kid atm
Justin Kirschenman
Wasn't the robot was in Rocky?
Annelise VW
One cannot simply contain a hootenanny
Oskar Canta
SS SniperWolf
Expensive stuff you don’t need? That’s me!
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1 Star vs. 5 Star Tech Products Which Gift Is More Ridiculously 2 days ago   14:21

We’re checking out the best and the worst of Amazon’s tech products!  GMM #1487

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