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Grading the Los Angeles Lakers Free Agent Signings After Not Getting Kawhi Leonard | 2019 NBA Free Agency. The Lakers signed Avery Bradley, DeMarcus Cousins and Jared Dudley among other to surround around LeBron James. Which was the best signing?

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chance yang
Maaan Alex Caruso is the 🐐 that’s an A+ signing
I gave this video a rating of a D-
4g 63
I like KCP but honestly wish it was him instead of Lonzo....
Ian simpson
Bro ur videos suck ass stop dick riding the lakers do one on free agency
Shane Shane
You know nothing about basketball, rondo is the best guard on the lakers right now. You will see that as the season progress.
BronIs TheGoat
your grading is pretty bad lol
7:04 YOOOO, you so disrespectful bro! How dare you call rondo CHEEKS. I mean he ain't what he used to be, but CHEEKS doe??? Naw, you outta pocket Fa sayin that. Name 5 players better at that position for the money that the Lakers could afford?
Boss Killa
Avery Bradley was the highlight pick up this season imo. He's right under Klay Thompson for being the best defensive 2 guard in the league. And for the money they got him for that starting line up if AD stays healthy is an easy 1 seed. We just gotta see if they can gather the chemistry this summer before fall. But LBJ is for the first time in his career not only surrounded by shooting. But quality defensive prowess which was much needed with his time with The Cavs.
SFF Sports Talk
How you getting such high views bro, im really working hard to get like this too on my videos, do you have any advice? admire the work you put in bro keep it up!
Sides j
You dnt knw shit about basketball
Michael Gottie
You dont know shit!!!
1 erickG
Rondo at this point of his career is kinda cheeks 😂😂😂💀
Danny green is an A
Cheng-En Wu
lakers starting five:
Lebron (SF)
McGee (C)
Green (SG)
Rondo (PG)

Cousins (C/PF) - first choice front court backup
Kuzma (F/SG) - sixth man
Cook (SG)
Bradley (SG/PG)
Dudley (F)
Caruso (PG)
Daniels (SG)
Adam Henderson
Rondo still good
Am i the only one who thinks Danny Green's contract is too high? Also KCP.
Bruce Wayne
I gotta feeling that we gon win it all this season
Rondo is great addition. Very important.
Tone Williams
Dude C C C C smh.. I hope yu can play basketball smh Go Lakers. Yu off. Off wit ta head!!
Jovon Tinson
Sound like a Laker hater to me
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UNDISPUTED - Rob Packer explain Why have so many stars avoided playing with LeBron?
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