Best of The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper - Top 10 Moments (The 5 months ago   15:43

Best of TV
Here is our take on some of the most hilarious scenes from The Big Bang Theory. Tell us what you think about it.

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Tea Critic
I want to take care of Dale
Death Shock
howard is a cock blocker
It really bugs me that they talk a lot about marvel in the comic book store but there’s only DC stuff in it.
Isha Ingle
Sheldon playing bongos is my spirit animal
All for one Upgraded
Sheldon from 7:08 sounds like Indian parents.
m e
What does this hubba hubba mean??
I don't know what are you looking at but I'm looking at an Indian who disgust the whole nation
Misery M.
Funny ´cause german trains are mostly late xD
Romeo Romeo
In what minute is the funny part 🤮
David Bouncer
"Penny forgot to use the subjunctive." Lol the usually Pedantry syndrome.🤣
Dead Eye Rat on Fire
2:50 Its quite ironic bc in Germany the train has a reputation of being late
Mama Joan
John Yepthomi
Bongo Solo!!
Lewis Liu
Oh Big Head! Will Pied Piper have some cooperation with the Physics Dept. of Caltech?
Zhou Alvin
Homeostasis is maintaining balance
James Russell
Haha haha hahaha
John Yepthomi
Stewart : "I swear I will turn the hose on you"
Aditya Singh
2:10 that's Big Head from silicon valley
prasanjit devnath
Big head
Eunice Lee
2:50 I moved to Germany last year and I'm really confused what he really meant here..
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Sheldon Cooper - Top 10 Moments (The Best of The Big Bang Theory 5 months ago   17:51

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