Aussie Burger, Christmas BBQ Australia Walter Mart & Pizza Hut, 2 days ago   10:21

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Christmas BBQ with Filipino friend. Aussies burger & hot dogs. Also test out Amazon Alexa device. Australia Vlog 79.

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B Adventures, Australian Travel Vlogger. Travel tips, tourist attractions, food, & living in Australia.
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Sherif Mekkawy
Cringe a lot of cringe.
Van Tran
If you are Philipino , I cant see the reason why you guys not spend Christmas there. I been to many countries in Asia, But Philipine always nice to me. I just been there a few weeks ago and I met a girl her father French with Philipino mother . She got a master degree in Business, she look exactly like European working for SM. Then I pick up another girl working for Ayaya largest realestate in Manila. Both of them worth million dollars in Australia. I don't want to have long distance relationship, just been friends. I am sure many rich guys want them in the Philipine. I am an expert in my field picking up girls that why they lost the battle.
Frank Tai
Happy New Year Brandon
Tony Phan
Looks awesome man! Hope you would have a good holiday!
Clarisse Joyce Esguerra
Paul Ellis
Great Christmas dinner looking forward to season 5 in philippines b adventures looking forward to it and seeing all your new adventures
Merry x Mas
Merry Christmas B Adventures !🎄
hi B Merry Christmas
Smooth Criminal
That pinoy guy has so much fats on his arms
Scott Lisenbury
Great video !! I like the Nickelback selection. hahah. Merry Christmas !!
Airbus 350
good to see you in a new video merry christmas
Angelo Da conceicao
Merry Christmas brother
Michael Jones
michael j
Wishing you a very Happy Christmas have a great day , and more great vlogs in 2019 .
Laurie W
Your a big Mariah Carey fan.
Joel Fernandez
Awesome and BBQ on Christmas? Why not... Merry Christmas!
ricky usa
Beets? Did you put Vegemite on there too? ;)
Canadian Kamote Rider
Beats on a burger???? That’s the first time I’ve heard that one. Merry Christmas 🎄 happy new year
J. B. Arches
Happy Christmas!
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Walter Mart & Pizza Hut, Aussie Burger, Christmas BBQ Australia 2 days ago   10:34

Walter Mart Mall for Canon Service Center & Pizza Hut. Makati City, Metro Manila. Philippines Season 4, Travel Vlog 92.

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