BBC-Earth , Life Story Ep05 Iguane VS serpents : tension maximale 2 months ago   03:13

Quick example of the beauty we can find in those new BBC-Earth documentaries.
Captured with shadowplay

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Arkadiusz Stępkowicz
The soundtrack is really captivating, I made a search and found it.
Paul Pettie
Great Job by the puffer... sad, they don't tell us if the got the girl... would have been a better ending.... (Smile).
NilmaBoston Rio Boston
I am amazed with this constructor fish!
Amazing what a tiny little fish can do. The earth and all its creatures are special. Please do what you can to save our planet and all its species, not just man.
Nicholas Leyva
I can't tell if its well animated or real
Internet Dinosaur
Ibtihal Mahmood
Cloudy Day
I can't even hold a needle properly without pricking my own fingers :(
Honey, I'm home!
Ikram Subhaany
This is only Allah's can do ... All is God Almighty creation .. subhanallah
Arlene Schag
How'd did I just now see this for the first time?!
This made me cry for the earth 🌍
Jorge Perez
How, why? That is amazing
Fish are so underrated : I love them ♥ What a nice mandala !
Wiggle wiggle wiggle
The last time I felt this kind of anticipation was when I watched one of those Big Art Attack features
dats a nice fish
And that's why the puffer fish get all the b i t c h e z
kaviraj singh
wonder how he manages the symmetry without a drone view.
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Iguane VS serpents : tension maximale BBC-Earth , Life Story Ep05 2 months ago   05:13

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Dans les îles Galápagos, les iguanes ne sont jamais tranquilles, même à la plage. C'est la course pour la survie.

Extrait du documentaire "Planète Animale" réalisé par Elizabeth White et diffusé sur France 2 le 14 février 2017 (production BBC).

Espèces : iguane, serpent

Plus de reptiles :

Plus d'extraits Planète Animale :

Plus d'attaques d'animaux :

Plus de documentaires animaux :

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Tags : igane, lezard, reptile, lezar, galapago, lizard, iguana, serpant, serpan, snake, zapping sauvage, serpente